“Do not try to find out things that do not concern you”, César Escola to Carlos Calero in ‘Yo me llamo’

Photo: Instagram @cesarescola
Photo: Instagram @cesarescola

Although the participants of ‘My name is’ (2021) They are the ones who listen from the mouths of the jurors – Amparo Grisales (actress), Yeison Jiménez (popular music singer) and César Escola (musician / presenter) – both flattering comments and other harsher and more critical comments, this does not mean that from time to time when a presenter – Carlos Calero or Melina Ramírez – also receives dry or cutting words, in the same way, from the jury as a whole or one of its members.

For example, during the development of the chapter on Thursday, December 2, Calero posed a question to Yeison Jiménez focused on the expression “of concern” that was drawn on his face after the customary meeting they have between juries, in the middle of This sentence to an imitator to go to elimination and leave another contestant optioned to fight with those who correspond for a monetary prize, something that happens night after night in the musical imitation reality.

However, once the presenter raised the question, César Escola asserted: “Don’t try to find out things that don’t concern you, nothing happened. We made a decision and it was unanimous … that room is private, what happens in that room stays in that room ”. Later, he realized that what was said about the decision made remains in the private sphere, while the decision as such, of course, is publicly known.

It should not be left out that those who were not victorious in the gala that night and, therefore, are sentenced for the next elimination are the imitators of Los Hermanos Rosario. As for the contestant who had a most successful show was Bad Bunny.

A bit of Carlos Calero’s career:

With 25 years of career over, it can be said that the Barranquilla has a nourished journey in the fields of the presentation, he has reflected his talent in this field in informative productions, but throughout 20 years there are several television contests: the aforementioned ‘100 Colombians say’, ‘Hard against the wall’ (2008) and, around this time, his audience sees it in ‘Yo me llamo’ (2021).

Calero also contributed his talent as a presenter to a section of ‘I know everything’, but his story in production ended in 2019. It should also be mentioned that, in his early years – as it is popularly said – he was one of the members of the tropical music group Code 3.

César Escola also has a career in presentation:

The Argentine, in addition to stepping on the artistic fields of music, also has among his work duties the presentation in productions such as ‘Snipers’ or ‘Do re millions’, in the latter, although he was not the main presenter, in any case, he was an entertainer from music.


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“Do not try to find out things that do not concern you”, César Escola to Carlos Calero in ‘Yo me llamo’