Do they make their relationship official? In matching pajamas, Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson pose for the first time together

For a few weeks the rumor that Kim kardashian and Pete davidson they started a romance grab the headlines. First, they were caught holding hands on a date at a amusement park in california, then they were seen together in New York and now pose for their first photo together On social media, will this be your way of making your relationship official? Although so far neither of them has publicly spoken About their closeness, this afternoon, an image went viral, captured during the comedian’s 28th birthday, where they appear together for the first time.

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To the surprise of all the followers of both, this afternoon, the so much of Hip hop, Flavor Flav He shared on his Instagram account an image of last night, during the sleepover offered by Pete Davidson, where the most special guest was Kim Kardashian who did not go alone to this appointment, the businesswoman came in the company of her mother, Kris jenner, Who else used the same pajama design from SKIMS that the birthday boy and the owner of this brand wore. Pete, Kim and Kris chose this piece that is part of the Kim Kardashian Signature Christmas Collection who, apparently, found in Pete a great promoter of his products.

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But the matching pajamas weren’t the only revealing thing in this picture, the interesting thing was that the place where This sleepover was held at the residence that Kris Jenner owns in Palm Springs, So it is evident that the organizers of this intimate celebration were the businesswoman and her mother who also appears in the image that Flavor Flav shared on her profile and that in record time has gone around the world: “Celebrating my adopted son Pete Davidson’s birthday with the captions @Kimkardashian and @Krisjenner”, wrote the hip-hopero as a description of this snapshot that becomes the first for which the businesswoman and the comedian pose together.

In another picture, Flav shared the cost of a gift he gave the birthday boy, a diamond chain with a huge gold watch, he wrote, this expensive jewel was his property: “Pete, I never took the watch from around my neck to give it to anyone and you will be the last person I do this for. It fits you well. Happy Birthday!”He wrote in another part of his post. The fact that Pete celebrated his birthday with Kim, at Kris’s house, comes just a few days after a source will tell US Weekly that the businesswoman is “falling in love” with the comedian: “He makes her feel good and she is excited to see what happens”commented the informant.

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His first kiss in front of the cameras

Although those involved have not given details of this proximity, the roads de Kim and Pete got together during Kim’s participation in the special of Saturday night Live of the Kardashians where the reality star participated in a sketch where Davidson dressed as Aladdin and she like Jasmine in which, in the end, they kissed each other on the mouth with which they caused a stir among viewers. Since then, everything seems to indicate, they became inseparable. Although a few days ago Kanye West publicly admitted he wants to get back with Kim and that, supposedly, they are not getting divorced, both she, like him, already they were seen with other people, so their separation seems to be final.

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Do they make their relationship official? In matching pajamas, Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson pose for the first time together