“Do your homework, daddy”: Johanna Fadul to Juanse Quintero after Greeicy’s pregnancy

Johanna Fadul and Juanse Quintero are one of the most stable couples in Colombian entertainment and despite the fact that they sometimes move away from public life a little, they are always surrounded by great friends and colleagues in the industry.

These days, Fadul and Quintero were at an event in which they also coincided with the singer Greeicy Rendón and her partner Mike Bahía. There the actress Without breasts, there is no paradise She was surprised by Rendón’s pregnancy belly and did not hesitate to make a comment to her husband.

“My love, what’s up, he’s left behind. Do your homework, daddy, what’s up, ”said the ‘influencer’ while she looked at the caleña’s belly.

Immediately, the singer responded by assuring him that they had already “ordered some ovules to be frozen”, while Bahía kept telling him that he was “stayed”.

In the recording, the interpreter of Looking for you He began to give him some advice that apparently worked for him to become a father: “Lots of egg whites, lots of carbohydrates and do your homework,” said the Colombian artist.

Everything indicates that the meeting would have taken place during the presentation of Greeicy and Mike this Saturday, March 5, at the Valle del Pacifico Events Center.

The publication was shared by the actress Johanna Fadul on her Instagram account and so far it has aroused more than 100,000 likes and hundreds of comments in which several commented on the curious encounter.

“How cute this couple looks”; “They always so firm and so together, life should already reward them”; “They would be great parents, I’m glad to see them together”; “I don’t know how long they’ve been married but I’d like to see them on paper”; “I love them, what good artists they are both and what a good couple they make,” were some of the comments.

eating problems

Ending the year 2021, the actress told on the program Good morning Colombia, of Canal RCN, about a food problem that he had 10 years ago, a situation that he had not revealed about his personal life.

“It is a subject that is like a labyrinth with no exit, one enters as in a subject of depression and the ugliest thing is to feel that you cannot get out of that, but today I can tell you that you can, as long as you have the strength of will and desire”, narrated the interpreter of the character of Daniela Beltrán in the successful series Without breasts there is paradise.

The 36-year-old woman from Bogota, who is married to fellow actor and presenter Juan Sebastián Quintero, decided to narrate that difficult moment she went through with the disease. “It has been a job for several years, I was an intern and I lasted three and a half months more or less doing a whole treatment. There I learned, I accepted and I understood that whatever it is, first I have to love myself and accept myself, “said the actress.

Fadul, who has six million followers on his Instagram account, accepted that there are times when he feels bad about his weight again. “It was like accepting that I had a condition for a while and that it is something that will live until the day I die. Inside me and, sometimes, do not believe, I am not the most secure and invincible; no, I have my insecurities and sometimes when I gain weight it’s like, no…why? And I suffer. It keeps happening, but I already know how to handle it, that’s the key, knowing how to handle and control that demon we have and it doesn’t leave us alone, “she said.

The actress also took advantage of her invitation on the RCN program to send advice to people who suffer from the same thing she went through 10 years ago. “Ignore them, don’t give a damn about those ‘ghosts’ that we have all the time above us, who may be telling us things that are not. God sent us all perfect and unique”, concluded Fadul.

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“Do your homework, daddy”: Johanna Fadul to Juanse Quintero after Greeicy’s pregnancy