Doña Rosa reappears in networks with medical assistance after Chiquis’s statements

Mrs. Rosa Rivera He reappeared in networks, after the new controversy that his family faces after the strong statements that his granddaughter Chiquis gave, about the problems that his brothers have with Rosie and Juan for the inheritance and the management of the companies by Jenni Rivera.

The ex-wife of Don Pedro Rivera shared a couple of photographs where it appears channeled in one of his arms and in the text it was said “sad.”

“Thank you Dr. Mayorquin and Dr. Amai, today I needed more treatment, I came urgently, “he says at the beginning of his message where he poses with one of them.

Although she did not mention anything about the problems faced by her children and grandchildren, she let it be seen that she is not feeling well: ” Sad, but I trust my God to give me peace and understanding“He added that he met a pastor” very nice, good and kind. Thank God for the family, “he concluded in the message.

Although it is unknown what type of treatment Dona Rosa is taking, it is not the first time that she has been given the medicine, since on other occasions she has shared photographs with the doctors. However, it is known to be “alternative medicine”.

The Rivera reactions

Faced with the controversy caused by Chiquis’s statements, Rosie Rivera reacted with another video on Instagram: “My answer is that I will not answer, I don’t even give time to those things, I’m not going to go to the circus they enjoy the media so much, I haven’t done it, I’m not going to do it, it’s not my style. When it is something familiar, much less will I answer in public“.

For its part, Juan rivera He posted on Instagram a fragment of a video of his songs to which he added this message: “It seems this will continue! You know me, you know how things will be done. What a way to start the year! Happy 2022! Hide your wallets, the thief returned ha ha ha ha “, it reads.

Lupillo He showed his position on the situation: “You are not doing anything wrong … and yes, your mother’s legacy is yours, nothing more… Because she only worked for you. You have every right to live on the name Jenni Rivera forever “and added a red heart.

Chiquis’s brothers also expressed their feelings. Mike wrote a message on Twitter: “If people think that we have to apologize for some sh … that they assumed without having any information about it (which has nothing to do with it), some sh … that we didn’t even say, by the way you choose act on social networks on people you do not know, you are smoking good sh … “, it reads.

Jacqie, who is the new CEO of companies, also spoke in networks: “For a long time I saw pain as my enemy and did everything possible to avoid feeling any pain. But we all know that pain is part of life and has the power to process us. So I decided not to avoid it, but facing the pain with the right perspective so that I can become the best version of myself. “

Jenicka He used the same social network to send a short message: “Everything will be clear soon” and added a smiley face emoticon.

Johnny, the youngest of the brothers, asked his followers not to attack his cousins, the children of Rosie and Juan: “On behalf of myself and my brothers I want to ask the fans who have attacked one of my cousins ​​to stop and Leave them out of this Our problems are with Rosie and Juan. Your kids don’t deserve to be hit with collateral damage and that’s never what we wanted, “he wrote in a first tweet.

“We have never had reason to believe that any of our cousins ​​had taken advantage of or used money that belongs to us somehow, “he wrote in a second message.


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Doña Rosa reappears in networks with medical assistance after Chiquis’s statements