Donatella Versace shows off the best of the 2021 red carpet

The renowned Italian brand and one of the most important fashion houses in the world is undoubtedly Versace, every year more celebrities wear iconic garments just as it happened this year when it swept one or the other red carpet 2021.

It was her own Donatella versace who shared a post in which he boasted some designs of important stars who had had the pleasure and pleasure of wearing garments from the Italian brand.

If you have an Instagram account, you will know that you can share photos and videos in the feed, but there is a limit to how many images you can post, there are only 10 spaces that Gianni’s best sister decided to take advantage of.

Some personalities found in your publication will be easy to identify, they are internationally known.

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Among the list we find actresses, singer and models of international stature, the best of all is that he did not skimp on only putting photos of celebrities of a single age, we find various ages so the public will be able to identify several of them.


Angelina Jolie wore this beautiful Versace dress | Instagram antonella_versace

2021 has been a great year for the Versace red carpet, “said Donatella.

Stars who wore a Versace model in 2021

One of them is Angelina Jolie, who precisely appears on the cover of the publication, wearing a beautiful strapless silver dress with a gathered at the hip with a beautiful fall that shows us the weight of the fabric.

The flirty actress and singer Zendaya was the one who appeared after Brad Pitt’s ex-wife, she was wearing an ethereal purple dress that allowed the passage of light with strips in two more colors.

Dua Lipa was also one of the celebrities who wore a design Versace This year, the one he was wearing consisted of many shiny stones and strips that crossed his torso and that in front formed a beautiful iridescent butterfly.

Actress Ashley Park wore a long green dress with a kind of 3D drape right at the hips, she posed in front of a beautiful succulent garden.

Who could not be absent from this list was Lady Gaga in an impressive red dress, this is not the first time we see her wearing a beautiful red corset-type dress from Versace.

Winnie Harlow is also part of the list of stars who wore a model from the Italian brand, she for her part dressed in a tight long-sleeved black dress, which rather seemed to be a long and fitted jacket.


The Internet celebrity Addison Rae could not be absent as well, thanks to her curves she showed us that a curvy girl can also wear a model from the Italian house, the one she was wearing was a black dress that in the upper part we saw an iridescent tone of a single sleeve.

The Spanish actress Ester Exposito wore a nice long garment, a dress that in some parts allowed light to enter; Rapper Lil Nas X highlighted his skin with a suit that showed off his shoulder in lavender.

Jessica Chastain highlighted her beautiful red hair precisely with a beautiful strapless dress in red also with beige details.

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Donatella Versace shows off the best of the 2021 red carpet