Dora Cadavid and the death of her son Moisés Cadavid

The actress Dora Cadavid He passed away this Monday, January 31 at 84 years of age, news that moved the artistic world and every viewer who enjoyed his performances.

Cadavid, who was also an announcer and singer, had a son known as Moses Cadavidwho passed away in October 2012 due to pancreatic cancer.

The actor, whose first name was Ricardo Francisco Valenzuela Cadaviddied in Barranquilla at the age of 52.

At that time, he was in the company of his wife, Marcela Botero, and his mother, the now deceased Dora Cadavid, promoting a theatrical production called ‘3 points of view’. Since then, his health condition has worsened, according to the coverage of EL TIEMPO that year.

The actor began his acting training at a very young age, influenced by his mother. The artist is remembered for his work in productions such as ‘Pasión de gavilanes’, ‘La traición’, ‘Madre Luna’ or ‘Decisiones’.

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The death of Dora’s only son could have been one of the most difficult moments that the late actress had to face in her life, according to what María Cecilia Botero, the actress’s niece, said on the “Bravíssimo” program.

For Dora it was such a hard blow, a very big fall. She started getting sick, she started not feeling well. Rather, the pain and sadness of her sank a lot”, Botero stated during said interview.

Even the actress Dora Cadavid pointed to the program ‘La red’ of ‘Canal Caracol’ for the death of her son. In the program they issued a note shortly before the death of Moisés accusing him of alleged mishandling of money based on the remarks of a young man.

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After that note he went into a depression that he had never had. Those of ‘La red’ wanted the artistic death of Moisés and achieved his material death. Even if they are throwing the last shovelful of dirt in my grave, I will never forgive them”, Cadavid said at the time.

Around the subject of the alleged scam, a legal lawsuit was formed that, apparently, was left unfinished after the death of the actor.

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The young man who denounced Moisés and his wife said that he was going to retract and then indicated that he was deceived and that he did not have the resources to pay for a lawyer, since the actor and his lawyer denounced the boy before the Prosecutor’s Office.

For her part, Dora spent the last years of her life in a nursing home by choice.

After the death of Dora Cadavidare the memories and acting works of a charismatic actress and one of the great figures of Colombian television.

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Dora Cadavid and the death of her son Moisés Cadavid