Drake & Josh: Drake Bell and Josh Peck’s friendship is further fractured by new statements

In the late nineties, ‘The Amanda Show’ joined the paths of Drake Bell and Josh Peck. Subsequently, the chemistry between the actors gave rise to the spin-off ‘Drake & Josh’.

The Nickelodeon comedy series showed great complicity and chemistry between the actors. Their bond felt so natural that many fans of the show believed their friendship went beyond the show.

However, in June 2017, more than nine years after the last episode of ‘Drake & Josh’, the idea that the protagonists were friends was dispelled by a wedding and some tweets.

Five years after this, a period in which apparently Drake and Josh had smoothed things overtheir friendship is again the target of criticism due to new statements from the actors.

What happened between Drake Bell and Josh Peck from Drake & Josh?

In June 2017, Josh Peck married Paige O’Brien. His ceremony was quite intimate and to the surprise of many, it did not include the presence of Drake Bell.

The singer showed his disappointment at not being invited in a series of tweets that he later deleted and that caused a great wave of memes on social networks.

However, two months later, the actors met at the VMAs where they talked and apparently fixed the misunderstandings. They even shared a photo of a tender hug with which they made believe that everything was fine between them.

In addition, this photo of their reunion was not an isolated moment, since Drake and Josh later also shared a couple of projects together. For example, Peck invited Bell to one of her YouTube videos, titled ‘Drake and Josh Reunion’.

Unfortunately, it seems that this renewed friendship was not really the most sincere.

Five years later, Josh made a couple of statements about the VMAs and the current status of his friendship with Drake that prompted not only Drake’s wife, Janet, to lash out at the actor and call him a liar, but also the launch of a podcast. titled ‘Drake and Janet’ where Bell also gave his version of things.

Josh Peck confessed that he is not really friends with Drake Bell

During a dynamic on the ‘BFF’ podcast, released last Thursday, March 17, 2022, Josh Peck opened up about his relationship with his ‘Drake & Josh’ castmates.

On the one hand, the actor wasted love for Miranda Cosgrove, who played his younger sister Megan in the series. “The best, I love her,” Peck said.

However, when the photo of Drake Bell emerged, the actor’s enthusiasm dropped significantly and he only expressed “He’s fine.” His answer caused them to ask him if they were friends or not and to the surprise of many Josh said ‘Not really. No’.

This response added to more comments from Peck about his friendship with Drake. The actor explained that he did not invite him to his wedding because they had not spoken for almost 10 years.

He also pointed out that the way in which Drake handled the situation publicly was not really the most honest, since they were not as close as Bell raised at the time.

All this caused Josh and his wife Paige to receive hate from many fans, which ultimately motivated the actor to demand Drake, in a very harsh way, to apologize to Paige.

“I walk up to him, and this might be the most Soprano thing I’ve ever done, I look at him and I’m like, ‘Go apologize to my wife right now.’ , and I see him do this whole five-minute apology performance… I was like, ‘Go apologize to my wife or something bad is going to happen.’

After telling this anecdote, Josh realized that after that meeting they really did not have much contact.

Drake Bell and his wife Janet responded to Josh Peck’s statements with a new podcast

Josh’s recent statements caused Drake Bell’s wife, Janet, to lash out at the actor in an Instagram video calling him a liar.

Although, the video is no longer on your profile. However, Janet mentioned the problem again in a new podcast that she launched together with Drake on Saturday, March 19, which is called ‘Drake & Janet’, a title with which they allude to the series ‘Drake & Josh’ both with the name, as with the logo.

In this podcast, Janet explained that many of the things Josh recently said were not true. Drake’s wife said that she was with them at the VMAs and Josh never bullied or was “rude” to Bell, but rather kindly asked him to apologize to his wife.

Drake also explained on this podcast that Josh very quietly asked for this apology.

“He said ‘Hey, you don’t have to say sorry to me, but I really need you to apologize to Paige.’

Contrary to what Josh says that there was no interaction between him and Drake after this meeting, Janet pointed out that beyond their professional commitments, Josh, Paige, Drake and her went out together on several occasions.

Drake also showed his surprise at the fact that Josh said that they were not really close after the end of ‘Drake & Josh’, since, according to him and his wife, they had multiple moments together where it seemed that there was a friendship and genuine support.

Mentioning this, Drake reiterated his disappointment in not being invited to Josh’s wedding, as he genuinely considered him a close friend.

Bell also explained that her friendship with Josh could be like a roller coaster, sometimes they were closer and other times not so close. However, the affection that she had and has for him remains constant.

The singer warned that he had no idea about many of the problems Josh was going through when they were young, which Peck recently detailed in his memoir.

“He is my ‘bro’ [hermano] And I don’t know, maybe I wasn’t always the best friend but I really had no idea what kind of problems I was going through.”

The first episode of ‘Drake & Janet’ lasts 55 minutes, and Drake repeatedly expresses that for him, Josh continues to be an important person in his life.

However, in the end, his wife warns that although it hurts to admit it, she must be clear, so she says that Josh can’t stand Drake. “He [Josh] he literally hates you,” he declared.

After this statement, Drake did not show that he felt the same way about Josh and even gave him a couple of compliments for the things that are happening in his career.

However, he did make it clear that he would be better off focusing on talking about those wins instead of reminiscing about a “fight they had five years ago.”

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Drake & Josh: Drake Bell and Josh Peck’s friendship is further fractured by new statements