Dressed in white “La Chule” appears in the middle of the Three Kings Day

Aracely Arambula, It would arouse several speculations after sharing a very particular photograph, how she was dressed as a bride was shown in a photo published in the middle of Three Kings Day.The Chule“?

The actress Mexican, born in Chihuahua on March 6, 1975, once again made a point of talking in the midst of her frequent activity on social networks, Aracely Arambula, appears dressed as a wedding in an image shared 15 hours ago.

The “ex of Luis Miguel“Whoever had an affair with the” Sun of Mexico “, between 2005 and 2009, suggested an alleged wedding on social networks.


Is Aracely Arámbula getting married on Three Kings Day? On Instagram. Photo: Instagram Capture

In the image, the distinguished “Face of the Herald“In 1996, Aracely Arámbula Jaques, is shown in an image in which she dresses completely in white with a wedding dress accompanied by details such as the veil and lace gloves. Could it be that the 46-year-old famous got married? in secret?

It was in the middle of December 6, the day on which the “Three Kings Day” is celebrated, when the presenter of “MasterChef Latino“It would surprise its 5, 9 million subscribers when appearing dressed completely in white.

As is known the talented actress who ventured into Televisa in various productions such as “Dreamers“(1998-1999),” Las vias del Amor “(2002-2003), with Jorge Salinas, among others, would reveal that love would have been given another chance.

The also Mexican singer who last 2020 launched the song “Bad news“, which gave a lot to talk about, due to his past relationship with LuisMi, confirmed that he was in a relationship, however, he did not want to reveal more details to the press.

Why did she appear dressed as a bride?

However, the snapshot belongs to one of the scenes that the famous interpreter of “Altagracia Sandoval” in The Doña“(2016-2020), made for the soap opera” Corazón Salvaje “, around 2009-2010.

Said recordings coincided precisely with one of these dates, at which time they decided to stop to break the thread while the “mother of Luis Miguel’s children” was dressed as a bride, since in history, her character would marry ” Juan del Diablo “or” Renato “.

Currently, Aracely Arámbula, has just concluded a long touring season in the play “Why do men love cab ***?” together with Anastasia Acosta and Mauricio Ochmann, the staging closed with a flourish shortly before Christmas in Chihuahua, the place of origin of the “ojiverde”.

Aracely Arámbula, appeared in a snapshot in which she wears a white outfit that overflowed all its charm in a photograph from one of the various fan pages inspired by the famous interpreter of “Altagracia Sandoval”.

The Mexican actress, Aracely Arámbula, has forged a great career in show business in Mexico that has transcended borders.

Just a few years ago she starred in some of her last roles on the small screen, in the novel series, “La Doña”, placing her once again in the public’s favorites.

“La Chule”, as Aracely Arámbula is called, for several years has not only become a queen of television but also one of the most acclaimed on the Instagram platform, where up to now it has accumulated 5.9 million subscribers .

Aracely Arámbula in a white outfit, overflows with all her charm. Photo: Instagram Capture

Aracely Arámbula Jaques received a lot of love in a photograph that circulates from a page called Aracely.thequeen.

The beautiful “Chihuahuan”, born on March 6, 1975, models in a photograph in which she wears a short white top accompanied by a matching skirt with stripes with black lace on the sides.

The “ex of Luis Miguel” who collaborated in other Telemundo productions, such as “La Patrona” and “El Señor de los cielos.” hugs your silhouette and prevents all your charm from spilling through the garment.

It was the “Mexican singer” herself, Aracely Arámbula, who took up the postcard from one of the various pages that circulate in said application.

In the snapshot, the “Bad News” interpreter wears short brown hair that likewise contrasts with the beautiful green of her eyes.

Users who visit the account did not stop praising the renowned “Rostro del Heraldo” from 1996, to whom they dedicated 654 likes.

Divine Greetings from NJ, Super beautiful, That beautiful look, My Queen, were some of the reactions to today’s mother of two children.

Aracely Arámbula Jaques, has distinguished herself by being a woman who works tirelessly, she has indicated that she hopes that her children: Miguel and Daniel Gallego Arámbula do not lack anything.

Today’s teenagers are the result of the relationship between the presenter of MasterChef Latino and Luis Miguel, who had a romance that seemed to be the definitive one in LuisMi’s life and which they even assured would end in a private wedding, something that until today has not has been verified.

Currently, Arámbula Jaques, has just finished his stage in the work of “Why do men love cab ***?” which closed with a flourish in his hometown after touring several cities of the American Union.

The presenter of ¡Viva la familia! … Todo bebe, has released three more albums of music, however, there is still nothing clear about her return to the small screen.

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Dressed in white “La Chule” appears in the middle of the Three Kings Day