Drew Barrymore tells why he stopped drinking alcohol

(CNN) – drew Barrymore He has rarely hidden from discussions of his childhood addictions and his path to sobriety. But earlier this week the actress and a talk show host shared something new: she’s quit drinking.

“I’m going to say something for the first time in a long time: I haven’t had a drink of alcohol in two and a half years,” he told “CBS This Morning” hosts. “It was something that I realized was just not serving me or my life.”

Barrymore said he had not widely shared that he had stopped drinking because “it was this safe and quiet ride” that he wanted to keep private.

“Now enough time has passed that I have a lifestyle that I know is really working an important path for my little journey, and finally there has been so much peace where there were demons,” he commented.

Barrymore was appearing on the show because of another interview he had conducted on his self-titled talk show. One of his guests, Machine Gun Kelly, admitted on stage to Barrymore that he had been struggling with his mental health.

Rather than go back to the questions he had planned, Barrymore listened and discussed his own mental health challenges as Kelly (real name Colson Baker) did the manicure. She shared that she visited a facility in Utah to “change her life” after her divorce (she separated from Will Kopelman in 2016).

“We had a very different show planned with him,” he said on “CBS This Morning.” “I just turned around and said, ‘You’re in the right place. Let’s analyze this.’

The actress, who rose to fame at age 6 in “ET” and has appeared in more than 50 movies, said that by sharing her intimate journey, she gives “a sigh of relief.”

“We are not doing this to get public attention … I would like to move forward in a more honest way that is more conducive to my peace of mind,” he told co-host Gayle King.

Barrymore opened up earlier about his struggles with substance use, even writing a memoir as a teenager to recount his experiences. As a child actress, she became addicted to cocaine, which she said put her on the Hollywood blacklist at the age of 12.

They placed her in mental and rehabilitation institutions, but after a suicide attempt at age 14 and some more rehabilitation, she sought, and was granted, legal emancipation from her mother.

“Maybe people think, how I solved so many problems when I was young, because it was very difficult then,” he said on CBS. “We continue to confront things with each decade of our life that almost surpasses what we thought we had seen. I am interested in that conversation, we do not fix it, we move on and it never breaks again. We are on a roller coaster.”

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Drew Barrymore tells why he stopped drinking alcohol