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Celebrity couples have made particular displays of love such as Megan Fox, Angelina Jolie and more Photo: Special Infobae

Around couple relationships there are multiple customs and actions that each one gives its own meaning and intention, and this varies depending on the religion, beliefs or intimacy that people profess. However, when couples are more in the media because of their name or their career, they influence in a different way and even cause magazine scandals.

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The famous Hollywood stars are not so different when it comes to thinking or doing something unusual, and within their rituals there are also those that serve to give a favorable boost to their close relationships. And just, because they belong to the artistic world, their actions draw more attention when the names of Megan Fox, Britney Spears, Angelina Jolie, are heard within the controversy.

It was at the beginning of the present 2022, that the medium of the show was surprised by the engagement of the beautiful actress, Megan Fox with Machine Gun Kelly, and which began in mid-2021. However, the most surprising thing about the declaration of marriage and what caught the attention of the entertainment world was what was detailed by the British newspaper The Sun.

And it is that the British portal shared with the followers of the American actress that one of the commitment rituals that the couple followed was to drink the other’s blood, thus giving way to a ritual so that their relationship can last. Added to this, the ring given by MGK was designed to cause her pain if she tries to remove the ring, as the band is made of thorns.

Another of the great relationships that marked the American entertainment world was that of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, and not only because they are two of the most famous celebrities in Hollywood, but because a large number of stories were generated around this union. , such as, for example, that their marriage was a contract agreed by Scientology, a religious current of which the actor of Impossible Mission is a part.

Various media reported that during the nuptials, a ritual was carried out that began when Tom and Katie swore fidelity in front of a silver crucifix; then exchange the rings. At the T-shaped altar, he presented her with three characteristic symbols of her faith: a pot, a cat, and a comb.

It was in 2012 that the 43-year-old interpreter filed for divorce, alleging irreconcilable differences, and requested custody of the girl.

Later, the clauses of the divorce papers were exposed by the Radar Online portal, and from them it emerged that Katie could not mention Tom in the media or appear as a couple in the five years after the breakup, as well as that Suri was never going to be linked to Scientology, even if that means breaking the rules of the Church.

Other couples who caused surprise by the use of blood were Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton, their relationship was brief but intense and for years the rumor spread that both carried the other’s blood on their necks, until the actor clarified:

“Angie came home one day with a kit of lockets that you can use to make necklaces with your grandmother’s photo, or something like that, that you wear around your neck. That’s what she was. She bought two of those. We were apart a lot because she was doing ‘Tomb Raider.’ We were at opposite ends, we saw little of each other she thought it would be interesting and romantic if we cut our fingers a little with a razor blade, smeared the fused blood of both of us on the medallions and wore them around our necks, as you wear your hair. your son or daughter’s baby in one. The same thing. That’s why we wore quart vials of blood around our necks. (Laughs) And we were vampires and we lived in a dungeon ”, she concluded jokingly the actor with whom she was married from 2000 to 2003.

Later Angelina Jolie was with Brad Pitt for 12 years. And it was in September 2016 that Jolie filed for divorce from Pitt, which ended until 2019. However, during the long legal journey, both actors tried everything to continue in marriage.

It was during 2017, when the legal battle had already begun, that both renowned artists wanted to save their marriage and, half a year before their separation, they visited a Thai monk in Cambodia to seal their union in a curious way.

According to the Daily Mail and the BBC, the couple turned to a Thai monk named Ajarn Noo Kanpai who is, curiously, the couple’s trusted tattoo artist and who has long impregnated his art on the body of the artists in 2003 and 2004.

On that occasion he wanted to immortalize in the interpreter of Eternals (2021) a huge tattoo on his back loaded with symbols, geometric patterns and figures whose meaning only the protagonists and some expert voices know, who attribute it to the eternal union of marriage

Inscriptions, geometric patterns and animal figures can be seen on them. The method used by the Thai based in that ancient city was ancient: he used steel bars with surgical needles, very far from the instruments used by professional tattoo artists today.

Now some artists also link people or animals for their eccentric customs or rituals. It was on December 11, 2010 that Nicole Richie and Joel Madden got married and resorted to an iconic ritual that to this day is still present in the memory of the followers of the renowned American fashion designer.

Within her wedding, the iconic American celebrity was attended by Good Charlotte, Benji Madden, Samantha Ronson, Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale and Khloe Kardashian. However, the most special and unique attendant was an elephant for good luck.

Other interpreters who could not miss was Britney Spears who has always stood out for her eccentric decisions and strange customs.

On this occasion, after being married to her friend Jason Alexander for 24 hours, she married again a few hours later with her friend and dancer Kevin Federline and they were married in a private home in the Los Angeles area on September 22. from 2004.

The most striking thing about this was when, during a meeting, the actress decided to get married without prior notice and only surprisingly notifying her friends that a wedding would take place. Some of those closest to her remember that when they arrived at a house to what they thought was a party, it ended up being an engagement party, the guests found some letters: “Surprise! We are delighted to welcome you to our wedding ceremony tonight!”

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