Drinking from a bottle or with cat ears: Meghan Markle shows her funniest side on television

Meghan Markle has returned to television to be interviewed on one of the most visited shows in America, the Ellen DeGeneres show. His presence on the program had generated great expectation, but the tone of his statements It was totally different from his controversial talk with Oprah Winfrey. The Duchess of Sussex, who wore a blouse valued at 3,000 euros, has put aside her brief passage through the British monarchy to talk about her time as an actress and tell, between laughs, a funny anecdote about her old car, a Ford Explorer that had a “life of its own”. But in addition, it has also been part of the pranks and hidden cameras usually done by the presenter, which lead to some of the funniest moments.

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With a earpiece and at Ellen’s orders, Meghan has left some sellers with their mouths open which are placed near the recording studio. The presenter has made her behave in the strangest way, forcing her to do a squat in the middle of nowhere, to touch everything in one of the stalls, or to start drinking milk from a bottle she carried in her bag after try some hot sauces. What’s more, she has also told her to refer to herself as “mommy”, speaking in the third person before a series of strangers who looked at her between laughter and surprise. Every time the Duchess of Sussex began to eat something, the voice of the amused communicator whispered in her ear that she had to do it like a squirrel, which He made one of the women who witnessed it laugh. However, the rest tried to maintain their integrity, since they had been asked, as part of the joke, not to treat her in a special way.

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At the end of the joke, Ellen herself came running to the relief of Meghan, who was in that moment singing a song about a kitten with a headband with ears (by order of the presenter) to one of the vendors who hardly believed what she was experiencing. The host of the space explained what happened and all together laughed, putting faces to understand everything that had happened in the previous moments. In the end it was the Duchess herself who covered her face with one hand, a gesture of shame at the role he had to play.


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The friendship of Meghan Markle and Ellen DeGeneres, who are neighbors in Montecito, California, began years ago with a chance encounter at a dog shelter, where the actress was debating whether to adopt her first pet, Bogart, and the presenter convinced her to take the animal home. The communicator also paid a surprise visit to Prince Harry and his wife during a summer trip to the UK in 2019., and revealed that she cradled and fed her son Archie, who was then four months old. More recently he has also been with them on Halloween, where he was able to witness the funny costumes of the couple’s two children.

Ellen has not hesitated to publicly defend the couple in 2019 when she was criticized for using private jets for her vacations in europe. “Imagine being attacked for everything you do, when all you are trying to do is improve the world,” the presenter said at the time. “They are the most beautiful and down-to-earth couple. I see that they are attacked and it is not fair. They are just two of the most compassionate people with their feet on the ground, they are doing a lot of good for the world, “he denounced.


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Meghan Markle’s interview on The Ellen Show It marks her first solo television appearance since she married Prince Harry and comes after a very busy two weeks. After attending a gala in New York, where the Duchess dazzled with a sensual red Carolina Herrera dress with deep V-neckline, the Sussexes commemorated Veterans Day in New Jersey.

Meghan Markle kicks off with a surprise interview on the Ellen DeGeneres show

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Drinking from a bottle or with cat ears: Meghan Markle shows her funniest side on television