Drugs, racism and excesses: the scandals of Tom Hanks’ ‘rebellious son’

The couple made up of the actors Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson has managed to keep a low profile in Hollywood and is known to be one of the most stable marriages in the business.

In fact, unlike other unions on the movie scene, Hanks and Wilson’s life takes place far from scandals.

However, there is one member of the family who has become a topic of conversation in the media, and not precisely because of following the ‘good behavior’ of his parents.

It’s about your son Chester hanks, 31, who has been involved in more than one controversy over narcotics and racism issues.

The ‘Rebel Hanks’

Chet’s life, as he is known, appears to be quite the opposite not only of his parents but also of his three siblings.

The first two, Colin and Elizabeth, are children from Hanks’ first marriage to writer Samantha Lewes.

Truman is the youngest of the Hanks and is, along with Chet, the fruit of his marriage to Rita.

Chet is often singled out by fans of the entertainment world as he has not been a quiet son. Actually, it has been quite troublesome.

Of course, he managed to largely follow in the wake of his parents: he has worked as an actor in productions such as ‘Fantastic Four’, ‘Larry Crowne’ and ‘Greyhound: Enemies under the sea’.

Controversial music video

Also, he has worked as a rapper. ‘Chet Hanx’ is his stage name.

This year he already published two music videos. The first, released in April, was quite controversial.

It was titled as ‘White boy summer’, in Spanish ‘El verano del chico blanco’, a name that has already led to suspicions among lovers of the genre.

Although the video clip caused a stir or two, criticism focused on the marketing he launched alongside his video.

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These promotional items seem aggressively racist”Wrote one of the users on Twitter, a publication that has more than 158 thousand ‘likes’. Others referred to the Gothic typeface, similar to that used by “groups white supremacists”.

According to Chet, in the future he will launch merchandise with the slogan ‘Black queen summer’, in Spanish ‘The summer of the black queen’.

A second music video premiered in June, titled ‘DAMN!’. Although it did not cause major scandals, there was still a lot of talk about the first video.

Did you support racism?

That was not the first time that Chet as a racist. In fact, there have been episodes in recent years that stood out in that regard.

Earlier this year he was also involved in a controversy with his then partner Kiana Parker. She assured that, in the middle of a fight in a hotel in New Orleans, Hanks attacked her and told her that “no one would believe him, because she was“ just a … black from the ghetto ‘and he was’ Chet Hanks’ ”, as reported by the American website ‘TMZ’.

In 2020, users in networks accused him of doing ‘verbal Blackface’ when, during the Golden Globe awards ceremony, the young man published a video in which he is seen speaking in a dialect that he defined as ‘Jamaican’.

In 2016, he apologized on his Instagram account for using the term ‘nigga’ in a derogatory way as his career progressed for several years.

I know that many of you understood the point I was referring to, but the truth is that it is not my duty to speak about it and I really feel sorry for the people that I offended“, said.

Scandals in your relationship

The relationship that began in March 2019 between Kiana parker and Chest Hanks had surrounded himself with controversy.

The couple would have finished around January 8 of this year, the day on which, according to court reports, Parker removed his belongings from the house.

Hanks initially sued his girlfriend for robbery and assault. He accused her of having stolen from him “money to pay for your travel expenses and your friend’s travel expenses”.

The artist also assured that, on the day of the move, his ex-girlfriend, “holding a pot and a knife, hit him in the face with the pot and cut him with a knife”, As reported by ‘People’ magazine.

In response, Parker filed a civil lawsuit for one million dollars.

It is about violence within the confines of a relationship between a man and a woman, a man who beat Kiana Parker mentally, physically and psychologically.Kevin Murray, Parker’s attorney, said at a news conference.

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In his testimony, Parker claimed to have been the victim of physical and psychological violence by Hanks on several occasions. The woman even asked for a restriction order so he wouldn’t get close to her.

Similarly, during the scandal, other moments of alleged aggression by the rapper came to light.

Psychoactive substance abuse

In his social networks he published a series of videos in which he spoke about his excesses.

A couple of months ago, I was selling cocaine, smoking until I couldn’t even breathe it through my nose anymore because it was so clogged. I even smoked crack. If I can change, you can change. There is a solution”He said in one of the videos.

“Finally, I had to accept that it was not working and that I had to try something new and that was not to use drugs or alcohol,” he emphasized.

In 2015, the young man, then 25 years old, opened up about his drug addiction.

As reported by ‘E Online’, Chet had struggled with substance abuse since the age of 16.

A ‘hidden’ daughter

In 2016, after having ‘disappeared’ from social networks for a while, he shared another video on Instagram.

He explained that he had just become a father.

I want to reveal something today because it is about to be shared, anyway, in the press. It’s the fact that I have a daughter. It’s the best thing that happened to me”, He assured in that clip.

He also assured that she was the one for whom he had decided to change his life and stay away from consumption of drugs. Although he remains a controversial and media figure today, he somehow ‘reduced’ the controversies.

About the girl, he has never shared images and it is only known that the girl’s name is Michaiah and that it was the result of a relationship that the rapper had already ended, according to information from the medium ‘E’.

Actor Tom Hanks, the young man’s father, reportedly helped him land the odd role.

For example, he mediated for his son’s participation in the naval thriller “Greyhound: Enemies Under the Sea.” He has not commented on the young man’s private life and the times he has referred to him have been about acting issues, the interest they have in common.

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Drugs, racism and excesses: the scandals of Tom Hanks’ ‘rebellious son’