Duki and Emilia Mernes whitewashed their courtship: passionate kiss and crossed messages

Love Song: Duki and Emilia Mernes
Love Song: Duki and Emilia Mernes

For six months Duki and Emilia Mernes they coincided in events related to the musical world, they showed themselves buddies on night out with friends and they sparked romance rumors every week. The coincidences made sense in the last hours, when The 25-year-old ragpicker whitewashed his courtship with a passionate photo. His fans celebrated the official bond of the couple and positioned the name of the former in the top positions of Twitter trends. Rombay.

In the early hours of Thursday the singer published the romantic postcard where he is seen kissing the artist from the province of Entre Ríos. With a heart emoji as the caption, the post began to collect likes non-stop. In ten hours it exceeded 2.3 million “likes”, and Emilia was quick to say present in the comments with great mischief: “Who is that divine?”. In front of the mirror, they both merged into a kiss while Duki took the photo with his cell phone.

Duki's post with which he whitewashed his courtship with Emilia Mernes
Duki’s post with which he whitewashed his courtship with Emilia Mernes

The young man called Mauro Ezequiel Lombardo Quiroga -the name behind his stage nickname- he had been completely secretive about his love life since July. He had previously been in a relationship with Brenda Asnicar, with whom he came to live momentarily during the mandatory quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic. After the breakup, he preferred to be cautious for months to come and did not make any public reference to a new love.

However, his attentive fans noticed the constant coincidences of the singers since they released a song together, “As if it didn’t matter”, where chemistry crossed the screen and collected more than 70 million views on his YouTube video. After several threats in which it seemed that they were going to make the relationship official, the artist’s post cleared all doubts.

I’m like to shout to the world that I love you”Emilia wrote on Twitter, at the same time that Duki posted the photo. And then he ironically: “She pretends to be surprised.” Her brand new boyfriend, for his part, bet on humor with two messages: “People, don’t flash, Emi fell and I was helping her, the floor was freshly washed, very slippery, and well, I just took the photo”.

Duki and Emilia's tweets after bleaching their relationship: between humor and romanticism
Duki and Emilia’s tweets after bleaching their relationship: between humor and romanticism

The name of the young woman who grew up in the Entre Ríos town of Nogoyá climbed to the top of the trends of the bird’s social network, something that usually happens every time her fans find out about something new about her life. In fact, a few weeks ago she was invited to We can talk (Telefe) and their participation generated the same virtual phenomenon. In the program, he opened his heart about various difficult moments in his life, and was encouraged to make a confession when the driver asked all those who felt that “they should forgive themselves something” to step forward.

I forgive myself for a very toxic relationship that I had where I had a very bad time. I remember that I was really not well, I even lost ten kilos, and everyone around me was very worried about me”, He revealed. In this sense, she explained that she felt “manipulated” during the courtship, and although her environment warned her that she should cut the bond, she could not find a way out of that vicious circle: “I apologized to my parents and friends because they went through everything that with me, of course they accompanied me from the heart, but I was not well, that person did what he wanted with me ”.

His fans quickly turned their theories into the virtual world, about who would be the man with whom he suffered a toxic courtship. He was previously in a relationship with his former partner Rombai, the Uruguayan Fernando Vazquez, and also She was related to the Brazilian striker for a few months Neymar. The young artist preferred not to mention the name of her ex-boyfriend directly, and focused her speech on the learning that that traumatic experience left her. These days the successful singer divides her life between Miami and some visits to our country.


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Duki and Emilia Mernes whitewashed their courtship: passionate kiss and crossed messages