Eduardo Palomo’s “curse”: the tragedy that haunts his soap opera companions

During the 90s, Eduardo Palomo was one of those soap opera gallants that made the audience sigh: he was the star of multiple productions and his talent on stage did not disappoint. Regrettably, his life ended in an abrupt way.

On November 6, 2003, he was having dinner with his wife, Carina Ricco, and some friends at a restaurant in Los Angeles, California. He let out a laugh in the middle of the conversation, but stayed in the middle; just at that moment he had a heart attack.

Although paramedics did everything to save his life, he passed away that same night.

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But the death of Eduardo Palomo is not only one of the most remembered tragedies in the world of entertainment, it also gave rise to an urban legend around the actor, do you know it?

The curse of Eduardo Palomo: his death and that of his soap opera companions

Two years after the loss of the soap opera heartthrob, the Mexican celebrity was dressed in mourning again. On that occasion, to fire Mariana Levy.

The most curious thing about her case is that, as with her partner from ‘La picacara soñadora’, her death was very abrupt.

On the afternoon of April 29, 2005, the actress was going to an amusement park with her husband, children and some friends of the minors.

Mariana levy and the ‘Pirru’ realized that they were about to be victims of an assault and, before the scare, she suffered a heart attack and died immediately.

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Remember that Mariana Levy and Eduardo Palomo They shared credits in ‘La picacara soñadora’, both had an unexpected, tragic death at a young age: she, at 39 years old and he, at 41.

Ten years later, another Eduardo Palomo co-star passed away: we talk about Lorena Rojas, with whom he worked on ‘Reach a Star II’.

The soap opera star was diagnosed with cancer in 2008 and died of the disease in 2015.

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Eduardo Palomo’s third companion to leave this world was Edith gonzalez, with whom he worked on ‘Corazón Salvaje’.

As some fans may well recall, he died on June 13, 2019 at the age of 55 due to cancer that he had fought for 3 years. It left a great void in the world of soap operas and theater.

The day that Edith González was reunited with the late Eduardo Palomo, her great love in ‘Corazón Salvaje’

Because all the aforementioned actors were very young and died tragically, the idea of ​​Eduardo Palomo’s “curse” began to emerge: was there any relationship between these deaths? match?

These questions haunt the minds of many fans, but the truth is that it is a mere coincidence. At least that is what director Sergio Arau said, who was by the actor’s side in his last moments.

Sergio Arau talks about the supposed “curse” that surrounds the late actor Eduardo Palomo

What do you think about this supposed curse?

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Eduardo Palomo’s “curse”: the tragedy that haunts his soap opera companions