Eduardo Verástegui begins the year by responding to his detractors: “Now, sheep get over it”

Eduardo Verástequi continues to generate controversy within social networks, where He started 2022 by responding to his detractors.

As revealed through his Twitter account, the Mexican actor and activist is tired of receiving insults, threats and rudeness, so he made the decision to answer those who have criticized him for the messages he continually shares.

However, his opinion has caused even more controversy because on this occasion he decided to call “sheep” and “blind” those who do not think like him, especially regarding his conviction of not being vaccinated against the Coronavirus.

I have not vak …… nor am I going to vak ……. Happy 2022!“He wrote the night of December 31 last.

And although this same profile has already been temporarily suspended on one occasion for sharing messages that go against the policies of the social network; His statements continued to ensure that he has already overcome COVID-19 and is better than ever, so in no way does he intend to change his way of thinking.

“You sheep get over it. I did not inject myself, I got COVID. I’m over it. Now I am stronger than ever. Do not be envious, They wanted me to go wrong, I’m sorry, it went very well for me and I’m 100! Blessings to you and your families. Change hatred for love and it will be very good for you ”, reads one of his controversial tweets.

While in another message he reiterated that he has every right to refuse to receive the vaccine, as it is part of his freedom.

And although he continued with the messages that many took as offensive, he also sent blessings to all those who are aware of what he writes, including his detractors and the “borregada”.

God bless everyone, also the sheep and the fellow haters, Well, they are my brothers, how not to love them too! Happy New Year family! Peace and good”.

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Eduardo Verástegui begins the year by responding to his detractors: “Now, sheep get over it”