Eduardo Yáñez is still in litigation for his mother’s apartment that the executor of Ernesto Alonso claims

In February 2021 it was announced that Teresa Anayaexecutor of Ernesto Alonso, had filed a lawsuit against Eduardo Yáñez for a property in Mexico City that the actor would have paid the late soap opera producer more than three decades ago.

The protagonist of the melodrama Amores Verdaderos and his lawyer gave an update on how the legal process is going, which they consider “unfair.”

“The executor of Mr. Ernesto Alonso is fighting me for this property, knowing that Do not belong to youknowing that it belongs to me,” said the actor on the “First Hand” program.

Mariana Gutiérrez, Yáñez’s lawyer, explained that the plaintiffs are using “certain tricks” to “deceive” to the authorities.

There is a contractual relationship that there were many years ago, the succession knew it, however, they want to surprise the authorities with deception, with lies, with certain judicial tricks that we will do the corresponding thing at the time, “he explained in the program.

“That property is not within the hereditary estate of the successionIn short, because that property had already left the patrimony of Mr. Ernesto Alonso because there was a contract,” added Mrs. Gutiérrez.

Eduardo Yáñez explains how he acquired the apartment

The Mexican actor said that Ernesto Alonso gave his name to buy the apartment, but it was Yáñez who paid it. However, due to the bonds of friendship that united them, they never spoke of putting the stationery in order.

My mom lived there for 30 8 or 7 years (of career) I began to pay for that department, About 10 years into my career I finished paying it. I went to Miami, then to Los Angeles […] I return to Mexico after many years and I go to visit him and he was on his last legs. Not even here (the head) did I happen to touch the subject of the department, I never asked for a roleI never told him give me a receipt, I never told him anything, I don’t know why”.

“You love people for what they are with you, what it means in your life, you have to be grateful all your life, you can’t be having second thoughts, so I never thought that this department would be the reason for what it is now,” he added on the Mexican show.

Eduardo Yáñez has a witness in his favor

The protagonist of Destilando Amor commented that there is a person who was present at the time the apartment was acquired, he even knows that Ernesto Alonso indicated that it was for the actor.

“Yes, Mauro Santoyo, the witness, who is also the owner of the building and the one who sold this property,” said Eduardo.

The lawyer explained that the witness has legal validity: “Yes, there is a contractual relationship with Mr. Eduardo Yáñez, with the former producer Ernesto Alonso and then it has to be respected as such. […] He (Yáñez) has the legitimate, legal and material possession of the property by right“.


Eduardo Yáñez is grateful to the family of Ernesto Alonso

The actor acknowledges that it was thanks to the producer that he was able to start his career, he even shared that he gave him shelter and food on several occasions.

“He made me I owe him my whole lifenot only my career, as a job, my training as a person […] I love him, I am so grateful to him, I would be nobody if it had not been for him,” he said in ‘First Hand’.

“I will always live very grateful to that family, I love Mary very much, I love Tere very much, in that house they fed me, they gave me a roof, it helped me in my career, I worked for them for many years, I love her very much, it’s a shame we’re involved in this that doesn’t make sense“, he sentenced.

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Eduardo Yáñez is still in litigation for his mother’s apartment that the executor of Ernesto Alonso claims