El Potrillo and Karla Laveaga enjoy their love in the happiest place in the world

Since the tour of Alejandro Fernandez In the United States, the singer has not returned to our country, rather, he has taken advantage of his visit to some cities of the American Union to tour with his family. After seeing it pose at the Cloud Gate sculpture in Chicago, next to Karla Laveaga and his daughter America, The foal He did it again and now he took advantage of his time in California to organize a visit to the happiest place in the world with his girlfriend and his children America, Valentina and Emiliano. Now that they have made public that they resumed their romance, Alejandro and Karla take flight posing in funny images of the memory of each place they have visited during this singer’s tour in which the tapatia is in charge of the look of its choristers.

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Happy to be able to enjoy their free time in the middle of this tour, Alejandro, Karla and the boys enjoyed a day in Disney California Adventure, where they spent hours of fun. On your way through this amusement park The Foal posed next to a figure of Spiderman during your visit to the new Avengers Campus, a space dedicated to superheroes and where the entire family posed. On this visit to Disney, the Fernándezes had the company of Gina litchi friend of the family who also appeared in one of the images of the clan on this magical site.

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For her part, Karla Laveaga also shared several details of her visit to Disney on her Instagram account where we saw her enjoy the latest attraction dedicated to Star wars. As happened during her trip to Chicago, where she was very close to América Fernández, Alejandro’s daughter, now we saw her as an accomplice América, Valentina and Emiliano, with whom she enjoyed as a child: “The happiest place in the world”, he wrote as a description of an image of one of the huge Mickey Mouse-shaped pumpkins that they usually put up as a Halloween decoration. The post of the tapatia was commented by Valentina who recognized that it was an unforgettable day: “The best day of my life”, wrote.

In another post, Karla posed with Mickey’s iconic Ferris Wheel, one of Adventure’s most striking attractions. The image where the tapatia appears wearing a white top with matching pants also provoked a reaction from her boyfriend’s daughter, Valentina, who liked her. Although it seemed that Karla Laveaga had been away from the family, everything seems to indicate that the closeness with her boyfriend’s children continues intact, in fact, a few days ago, the young woman showed that the relationship is as good with them as with their mothers Well, we saw her exchanging affectionate messages with Ximena Diaz who wrote about the photo of his son Emiliano: “I love him, he’s gorgeous, do you remember @Karlalaveaga?”, to which the Guadalajara responded: “Of course I remember!”, followed by several happy emojis.

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Another chance to love

After months of being involved in rumors that they claimed had been given a new chance in love, Alejandro Fernández and Karla Laveaga, somehow, confirmed this news by exchanging romantic messages for the birthday of Guadalajara. El Potrillo chose this day to share a photo next to the young woman with whom he has starred in a romantic love story since 2012. After taking some time, after the pandemic, the couple met again and everything indicates that they are enjoying a second chance, a stage that they are sharing 24/7, since the young woman is part of the singer’s work team, which is why by which they have turned this business trip into one of pleasure.

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El Potrillo and Karla Laveaga enjoy their love in the happiest place in the world