El Tucu López bothered Julieta Prandi on the air by asking her a question about money

The question from Tucu Lopez that bothered Julieta Prandi (Video: “It’s summer out there”, America)

A question that generated tension and uncomfortable looks in the air. A different situation was experienced in the air of it’s summer there, the cycle of the mornings of America that replaced the one made by Guillermo Andino and Soledad Fandiño. With El Tucu López and Julieta Prandi as presenters, the journalist Guido Zaffora was telling a piece of information involving Susana Gimenez. Until then, everything was laughter, and fun, since it is a news popularly defined as “color”.

For example, the panelist said that the diva wants to go to the United States to celebrate her birthday on January 29 and her intention is to do so accompanied by Mecha Sarrabayrouse. However, when he had already bought the tickets, he found out that his daughter had the VISA expired and that if he did not complete the renewal process, he would not be able to travel with it for the next few days, as planned.

“I’ll tell you something”, interrupted Julieta Prandi, who was listening carefully to Guido Záffora. And she recounted her own experience with this procedure. “How difficult it is to get the VISA at this time”said and revealed that it took her a year and a half to obtain permission to enter the United States.

Then, the journalist continued giving the information he had obtained: he indicated that Susana Giménez, from La Mary, her farm in Punta del Este (Uruguay), asked her daughter – who was with her – to travel to Buenos Aires (Argentina) and would do everything in his power to get an appointment at the US Embassy to renew his VISA. “You have to fork out, and in greens…”Záffora added, alluding to the fact that said procedure is paid in dollars, the currency of the country.

Susana Giménez with her daughter Mecha Sarrabayrouse
Susana Giménez with her daughter Mecha Sarrabayrouse

“The same, first you have to find the contact”, warned Julieta Prandi, who interrupted again to provide information on that procedure. “But nothing is impossible for her,” Záffora assured, referring to the fact that Susana Giménez would do the impossible so that her daughter could travel with her.

And El Tucu López intervened from the other end of the studio, who until now had not commented while listening to the information they gave on the air. “Stop, I want to ask a question. I see you upset with the subject…”the driver told his partner.

Immediately, he looked at her and asked her a question accompanied by a forceful gesture: “Did you have to trigger?”. What the actor wanted to know was if the driver had paid for some kind of express procedure to be able to obtain the corresponding VISA from her. “Those questions you ask on the air…”, Julieta Prandi reproached Tucu López, expressing her discomfort and letting him know that it would have cost him that these types of issues were discussed in private. For instance, she avoided answering and took it upon herself to clarify again, and repeat: “But I was there for a year and a half. A year and a half”.

“Worth”, added his partner seeking to get out of the tense situation and without wanting to go into further details. In this way, Guido Záffora continued giving the information and added at the time they were on the air, Mecha Sarrabayrouse was at the Embassy of the United States carrying out the process of renewing his VISA to be able to travel and celebrate the birthday of the mother of her.


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El Tucu López bothered Julieta Prandi on the air by asking her a question about money