Elizabeth Gutiérrez returns with husband William Levy

  • Elizabeth Gutiérrez shares a “mysterious” publication on her social networks
  • Almost a month after your separation, are you back with William Levy?
  • “Only he and I know everything we’ve been through,” said the Mexican actress.

In the last days of January, William Levy surprised locals and strangers by announcing his separation from his wife, Elizabeth Gutiérrez, through his Instagram stories: “We want to let you know that after thinking it over we have decided to end our relationship. But we’ll still be the beauty family that we are and the best parents for our children. That will never change.”

The strangest thing about all this is that, a short time later, the Cuban actor deleted this publication, which did not go unnoticed by his followers. Now, almost a month after her separation, Elizabeth shared a ‘mysterious’ post on her social media that gives a lot to talk about and a probable reconciliation…

“There is a code between women that must be respected”: Elizabeth Gutiérrez

"There is a code between women that must be respected": Elizabeth Gutierrez
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According to information from People en Español, the actress Elizabeth Gutiérrez recently participated in the talk show Ojos de mujer, where she expressed herself in the following way regarding the issue of infidelity: “It is not that we excuse them or that they are not to blame, but I think there is a code between women that has to be respected, that has been lost. At what point was all this lost?

In addition to William Levy’s ex, the also actress Carla Medina, the influencer Chiky Bombom and the host Erika de la Vega were part of this talk show. It should be noted that Elizabeth has always been very discreet on these issues, so it is a surprise to many that she is already encouraging herself to speak.

William Levy’s ex ‘gives everything’ to Jacky Bracamontes

William Levy's ex'gives everything' to Jacky Bracamontes
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It was precisely with Erika de la Vega, in her podcast In her own defense, that Elizabeth Gutiérrez spoke for the first time about the book by Jacky Bracamontes, where the Mexican host shared details of the relationship she had with William Levy when they were both partners in the soap opera Sortilegio .

“It is a lack of respect for both families, because why tell something like that. And I also think that if you are capable of thinking about it, it is because you are capable of doing it. I don’t have the need to tie up any man,” said Elizabeth, who was congratulated by Internet users for having addressed this issue.

The last photo of William Levy and Elizabeth Gutiérrez as a family?

The last photo of William Levy and Elizabeth Gutiérrez as a family?
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On the occasion of the arrival of the new year, without imagining perhaps what would happen days later, Elizabeth Gutiérrez uploaded a photo in which she appears accompanied by her then-husband, the Cuban actor William Levy, as well as their two children: Christopher Alexander and Kailey Alexandra.

“Wishing you a happy new year full of health, happiness and prosperity. We send you love and light on her path, ”wrote the actress, who immediately began to receive congratulations and good wishes from her fans, who have expressed her support in this separation.

What was your reaction after William Levy’s message?

What was your reaction after William Levy's message?
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Taking into account that the Cuban actor William Levy wrote his message, in which he ended his marriage to Elizabeth Gutiérrez, in the last days of January, it is worth analyzing what the reaction of the Mexican actress was on her official Instagram account, where he has more than 3 million followers.

In the first place, she uploaded a video of just a few seconds where she shows her spectacular beauty while walking to the rhythm of the musical theme Should I stay or should I go by the band The Clash. Of course there was no lack of praise from her fans (TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE).

“Speaking heals the soul”, says Elizabeth Gutiérrez

"talking heals the soul"says Elizabeth Gutierrez
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In her next publication, again making it clear that she is a woman of unquestionable beauty, Elizabeth Gutiérrez simply wrote: “Talking heals the soul”, while in another image she greeted her followers: “Hello here”. Of William Levy she did not say a single word.

“And suddenly I find this beautiful photo, my babies Christopher Alexander and Kailey Alexandra,” he said, before writing a forceful phrase that gives a lot to talk about: “Let life happen.” She would be missing one more photograph with her daughter, who is already a lady: “I love you forever, Karlita.”

“Only him and I know everything we’ve been through”

"Only he and I know everything we've been through"
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Until the time of writing this note, the publication in which Elizabeth Gutiérrez apologizes to William Levy?, has more than 120 thousand likes and comments from various celebrities. Verbatim, she says the following: “Lately and for obvious reasons we have been a point of discussion, of insinuations, of assumptions.”

“Even going so far as to attack my children and referencing and questioning their personalities and values!!! William and I have always raised our children with love and respect!!!, teaching them the best we could as parents. I will always thank him that he supported me and continues to support me so that I can stay home and watch and be there for my children… ”.

“There is no guilty in this situation”

"There is no guilty in this situation"
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And when no one would have expected it, Elizabeth Gutiérrez came out in defense of her ex and father of her children, William Levy: “There is no culprit in this situation!!! I am not happy about attacks on his person… I do not appreciate it !!! He is the father of my children, the most important man !!!, the one he sees for our well-being… every day… ”.

“I always wish the best for him… love… a lot of health, happiness… with or without me… it is not an easy situation to be exposed and to be listening to different versions and being a point of attack… only he and I know everything we have been through. … our truth as a couple… and it will stay there… with us!!! Thank you as always for all the love and respect for our family !!!”, he concluded. So far, the Cuban actor has not responded to this message.

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Elizabeth Gutiérrez returns with husband William Levy