Elizabeth II’s danger this Christmas: an armed intruder in Windsor

This Christmas has been very different for Queen Elizabeth II. It is the first that has had to happen without the company of her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh. Nor has she been able to celebrate this special date where she would have liked, at Sandringham Palace, in eastern England. It is there where, for decades, the British royal family has gathered to spend the holidays, but the pandemic has truncated these plans.

This year, the grandmother of prince william and prince harry decided to organize the traditional Christmas lunch in Windsor with her son, Prince Charles and Camilla Parker.

Photo: Charlotte at the 2021 Cambridge Christmas greeting. (IG)

But this day, bittersweet for the queen, in which the Christmas spirit did not decline but where the sadness for the notable absences was also present, it could have ended in tragedy, something that has now been known.

Elizabeth II with Prince Charles and Camilla Parker in a file image. (EFE / Photo: Thomas Bregardis / Pool)

After his emotional Christmas speech, televised that same day at noon and where the queen opened her heart as she had never done before before the viewers, confessing her pain for the death of her husband, no one could imagine that hours before the monarch, her son and daughter-in-law had been in danger.

As reported by the police, an armed intruder was arrested around Windsor Castle, where Elizabeth II, the Prince carlos and his wife.

A 19-year-old man from Southampton and who possessed “a dangerous weapon” he was captured shortly after 8:30 a.m. He did not enter any of the palace buildings since the police action was immediate and managed to stop the security breach in a matter of minutes.

“The man has been arrested on suspicion of violation or trespassing of a protected site and in possession of a dangerous weapon. He remains in custody at this time, “Thames Valley Police Superintendent Rebecca Mears said in the statement, adding that”members of the Royal Family have been informed about the incident. ”

General view of Windsor Palace (United Kingdom). (EFE / Photo: Facundo Arrizabalaga)

It is not the first time the queen’s safety is in jeopardy. On April 19, a 44-year-old woman arrived in a taxi to the gate that gives access to the private land of Windsor. She claimed that she was Andres’s fiancée and said they had a lunch date. The guards waved her inside and she spent 20 minutes walking before entering the area, when they stopped her in the lobby. She was arrested on suspicion of robbery and possible ill health mentto the.

In July 2019, once again and against all odds, someone outside the Buckingham Palace staff and family was able to bypass all security measures and sneak into Queen Elizabeth II’s residence to get a few meters from your bedroom. A 22-year-old man jumped the fence next to the entrance, went through several doors and came to stand a few meters from the door of the queen’s bedroom. No one explained then how this young man was able to walk for 4 minutes through Buckingham Palace with total freedom.

Elizabeth II in a file image. (Getty)

The episode was very similar to the one that occurred in 1982, when a man named Michael Fagan broke into the palace, not once but twice, and one of them came to sit at the foot of the bed of the mother of Charles of England. The intruder assured at the time of his arrest that he came to talk with the queen and that she asked him what he was doing there.

It is believed that Fagan scaled wire walls 14 foot tall spike, then climbed a drainage pipe to the ceiling and finally entered the palace through an open window before finding the path that led directly to Her Majesty’s bedroom. “I don’t know why I did it, something got into my head,” he later admitted.

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Elizabeth II’s danger this Christmas: an armed intruder in Windsor