Elizabeth II’s petition to her grandson Guillermo for the good of the family

Elizabeth II is worried, At least that is what sources close to the British royal family say, who say that the queen does not have a good time when her family has to travel. The situation becomes even more complicated when it is Prince William himself who gets behind the controls of the ship and that is why the monarch would have him asked his grandson to stop flying helicopters.

This is collected by ‘Mail +’, where they ensure that the queen is terrified that something bad could happen to his family and the line of succession to the throne, since Guillermo is the second in the line of succession to the English Crown, in case something happens to him and his children, the next would be Harry, who not too long ago took the decision to step away from Crown responsibilities and start a new life in the United States with his wife, Meghan Markle, and her children.

William and Kate, at the Royal Albert Hall in London. (EFE / EPA / Vickie Flores)

Apparently, and according to the aforementioned medium, the queen would have already maintained various conversations with his grandson on this issue, and would have asked him to stop driving himself, especially in cases where the weather conditions are not the best.

This fear has been increased because Guillermo and Kate live between Kensington Palace, which is in London, and Anmer Hall, located in Norfolk, a distance of 115 miles (about 185 kilometers) that they often travel by helicopter with the rest of the family. Because, despite the fact that there is an unwritten rule that says that it is not appropriate to all family members travel together, Over time this has been relaxing, especially after the birth of the first-born of the Dukes of Cambridge, who try to spend the as much time as possible with your children.

The Duke of Cambridge, on his last shift as a helicopter pilot with the East Anglian Air Ambulance in 2017. (EFE / Pool)

A source close to the family has revealed to ‘The Sun’ that this concern in the queen is such that sometimes the keeps up all night and, although he is aware that Guillermo is a great pilot, he would prefer that it wasn’t him who was at the controls on their travels. In addition, the risk of the five of them traveling in the same helicopter seems too great, since if an accident occurs it could lead to a institutional crisis.

The queen does not doubt the prince’s ability Guillermo as pilot, in fact, for a time it was for the East Anglian Air Ambulance, which provides its services during medical emergencies. A job that for Guillermo was very comforting, despite how hard it was for him, because he could not help taking home some bad memories and feelings of the misfortunes he had to witness. He left this job to devote himself full time to his responsibilities to the Crown.

Prince George of Cambridge and his father, the Duke of Cambridge, visiting the Gloucestershire base in 2016. (EFE / Edward Low)

In this way, although the Duke of Cambridge is perfectly capable of piloting him, the queen considers that the helicopter is not the safest mode of transportation. Reasons are not lacking because it is not the first time that a family member has been scared by this, being one of the last Camilla Parker Bowles, who managed to avoid two accidents thanks to the skill of the pilot.

During these last few years, which have not been easy for the British Crown, Guillermo and Kate have taken a step forward and have become a great support for the queen, who does not doubt that they will play a great role the day they have to inherit the throne. In case something happens to them, the situation could be complicated and this is something that Isabel II would not like to ask.

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Elizabeth II’s petition to her grandson Guillermo for the good of the family