Elliot Page proves with jokes about his body that he has overcome his greatest fear

Elliot page, formerly known as Ellen page, took off in the film industry back in 2007 with the film Juno. After this main role would come other performances in feature films such as Origin (2010) or X-Men: days of the future past (2014). Likewise, in recent years he has stood out as the protagonist of the series of Netflix The Umbrella Academy.

Now, this Canadian actor has also become a benchmark after he openly declared himself a transgender person in December 2020, indicating that he preferred to be known under the name Elliot and with masculine and neutral pronouns. The most curious thing is that, when one year of that transformation is about to be completed, The actor has reflected on social networks his empowerment in the face of change and operation, exhibiting a public image swap more personal than ever.

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In 2014, when she was still known as Ellen Page, she publicly announced her lesbianism during a LGBT youth support conference in Las Vegas. Although at that time he already underlined his desire to serve as an example to other young people, the truth is that since December 1, 2020, he declared himself transgender in his social networks, his commitment to the group has been even greater. Without going further, the last image shared on Instagram is very significant.

And it is that Elliot Page jokes that he is testing a new phone with a selfie in the mirror in which he appears shirtless, showing his fans the results of his upper body surgery.

The 34-year-old actor specifically wrote: “Oh good my new phone works”, Getting thousands of followers to have fallen in love with his way of expressing on social networks the joy that comes from showing off his toned abs and chest after surgery on the upper part. Specifically, it is a subcutaneous mastectomy that removes breast tissue and alleviates gender dysphoria. An operation that he already spoke about a few months ago during his interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Followers who have applauded the image include Tommy Dorfman, who reintroduced himself as a trans woman earlier this year, as well as Ian Daniel, host of the documentary series Gaycation and close friend of Elliot Page, and LGBT + artist and filmmaker Tourmaliiine.

While it is not the first time that Elliot Page has revealed his abs (in May he shared the result of his surgery with a picture in which he appeared radiant while wearing her first swimsuit for men), with this new publication the actor has taken a very important step in his life. And is that the star of Juno, who by the way is married to the dancer Emma Portner, has released this image when it is about a year since she communicated her transgender identity. This is why it is understood as a very special publication in which he expresses all those emotions that he is feeling in his own flesh.

It’s more, the activist pointed out in that so remembered writing that he identifies as non-binary, that is, a person whose gender identity is neither male nor female. “My joy is real, but also fragile. The truth is that, despite feeling deeply happy at this moment and knowing how privileged I am, I am also afraid. I am afraid of invasiveness, hatred, jokes and violence “, He expressed in one of the paragraphs that came just a few years after, in 2017, through his Facebook account, he denounced that director Brett Ratner forced him to come out of the closet without taking his well-being into account.

Elliot Page, who has never had an easy life since at age 16 he was a victim of sexual abuse, publicly denounced the abuse of power by the director of X-Men 3: The Final Decision, flagging him for abusive and homophobic behavior during filming. A complaint that, everything is said, did not fall on deaf ears since the actress is also Anna Paquin corroborated his words and expressed all her support through Twitter: “I was there when that comment was made. I’m with you.”.

The fact is that, despite initial fears, Elliot Page has shown with the jokes about his body that he has overcome his biggest headache, standing as an inspiration for countless non-binary people. It’s more, With her latest post, she reaffirms why she has become a crucial representative of Hollywood’s LGBTQ community.

And it is that at the stroke of publication it tries to make the world aware of the need for a change in mentality. All a declaration of intentions that, on the other hand, has been assuming on a regular basis after its physical transformation. For some time now, Elliot Page radiates a new happiness that he likes to share with his followers. Feel free and, above all, happy to be able to celebrate the joy of being transgender.

In other words, happy to show on the outside how he feels on the inside, Elliot Page finally feels comfortable in the body that inhabits him.

In conclusion, he does not hesitate to use his massive platform (on Instagram he is followed by more than 5.6 million people) to represent the joy of being transgender and raise awareness in society.

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Elliot Page proves with jokes about his body that he has overcome his greatest fear