Elsa Pataky’s complex that disappeared when she met Chris Hemsworth

taking advantage of the International Women’s DayMagazine ‘Hello!’ has spoken with the Spanish actress Elsa Pataky, a reference for many women since she combines her role as a mother of a large family with her work as an actress and businesswoman. From ‘Hello’! They wanted to know what her opinion is about the new generations, what her exercise routines are and if she has ever had a physical complex.

sport and food

“For me, taking care of my diet or exercising are already part of my way of leading a healthy life.. The intermittent fasting It is part of this healthy approach that I give to my diet, since I have gotten used to it and I feel very well, although it is not something that takes me to the letter. If I have to skip it for reasons of travel, events or just because I feel like it, I do it without any problem. Don’t exaggerate either!”, says the actress.

“I have been exercising regularly for many years and my body already asks for it. There are times when I can’t go to the gym or go horseback riding, for example, but walking up a few floors gives me exercise, ”he adds.

“For me, An exercise that I find super useful for us women is the squat, to strengthen the glutes. In the case of the youngest, to prevent the butt from sagging and, in the oldest, to tone up and lift if it is already sagging”, she explains.

An inspiration to other women

“I think that what you do, the way you live, you behave… it has to reflect your convictions, and you don’t think about doing it to be followed or admired. But, If they see in you a role model, it is better that what you project is positive. In this sense, you do feel responsible for what you do or what you say”bill.

“It is true that I like to go with my face washed and wearing comfortable clothes on a daily basis, but I am a flirtatious woman and I like to look good, first for myself and also for those around me. And, since the years don’t pass by, I like to use products that help you maintain a good appearance, although the truth is that wrinkles don’t keep me up at night”, says Elsa for the magazine ‘Hola!’.

Have you had any complex?

“When I was very young, she had a little complex and she always wore very high heels and even walked on tiptoe when she went barefoot at home. Well, interestingly, it was taken from me when i met chris, which measures almost two meters. From then on, I only wear heels at events and going barefoot is no problem for me. It’s like a total acceptance: ‘Yes, I’m short, especially next to my husband, so what?’”, says the actress, who also points out: “The key for us to love ourselves as we are is to have confidence in ourselves”.

On the role of the new generations: “I have enormous confidence in the new generations. They are very prepared, they have very clear ideas about their role in the future they live in and they are passionately involved in the most important issues, such as climate change or world peace. They give the messages to us”, concludes for ‘Hello!.

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Elsa Pataky’s complex that disappeared when she met Chris Hemsworth