‘Emma and the other narco ladies’: the book that unleashes a scandal in Mexico by linking famous celebrities with the drug lords

Most of the artists named by journalist Anabel Hernández have already denied their alleged links with the cartels.

The journalist Anabel Hernández unleashed a new controversy in Mexico by publishing ‘Emma and the other ladies of the narco’, a work in which she details that several famous celebrities have been associated with drug lords in exchange for financial benefits.

The book has just been edited by Grijalbo and has on the cover the image of Emma Coronel, wife of Joaquín ‘el Chapo’ Guzmán, the leader of the Sinaloa Cartel who is serving a life sentence in the United States.

Among the artists linked to different drug bosses, the vedette stands out. Ninel Conde, the singer and former deputy Sergio mayer, the actor Andres Garcia, the actress Issabela Camil; the former Venezuelan Miss Universe, Alicia machado; and the deceased and legendary singer-songwriters Juan Gabriel Y Joan Sebastian.

One of the first to react publicly was the driver Galilea Montijo, since the book assures that it maintained a sentimental relationship for two years with Arturo Beltrán Leyva, one of the leaders of the Beltrán Leyva cartel, who died in November 2009 during a confrontation with the security forces.

“I have always kept quiet and I have put up with it, I have been accused in many ways without proof, I am a very hurt mother of a family, a woman and I feel devastated and very hurt, a woman who has been a hard worker since I was 14 years old. These issues of scandals will have a legal office and I will not touch on any related issue or any other scandal, “said the driver through tears in a video that public in social networks. Later, in other interviews, he insisted that he would take the necessary legal action.

Conde, for his part, has already warned that he will also sue Hernández, who in the book relates her to Beltrán Leyva and to Jesús Pérez Alvear, a music producer accused of laundering money from the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel.

“I already said it is false. My lawyers are already taking care, there is damage. They are affecting the presumption of innocence of many people and I cannot speak. This is in the hands of my lawyers, both in the United States, in Miami, and in Mexico, “he said, reiterating that, since he began his artistic career, 23 years ago, he has worked honestly.

So far, the only one who has acknowledged in a television interview that he did have relationships with drug traffickers is actor Andrés García. “I know them all and I knew who they were from before and it was worth it. They help you when they can. That depends on how you take it, they have seen me with them in restaurants or with one of them, since if he is my friend so what? Many of us became friends“, explained the artist, who in the book is indicated as an alleged partner of Beltrán Leyva.


In the midst of the controversy, Hernández presented the book at the Guadalajara International Book Fair, where assured that he has all the necessary evidence to support his accusations.

Beyond these revelations, the book focuses on the biographies of the women of the main Mexican drug traffickers, among them the wife of “Chapo”, sentenced to 36 months in prison by a US court.

He also explained that it is natural for those involved to demarcate and deny the allegations, but clarified that his investigation was not intended to discover the relationships of famous people with drug traffickers and that this was a derivation of the multiple interviews in which his sources began. to cite names.

“I myself corroborated one way, two ways, three ways … This book is not intended to be about show business. Let’s say that the world of the show came to me, in the sense that the names were revealing my witnesses, “he explained.

After the interviews, he recounted, he investigated each case in particular with direct witnesses to the encounters and the relationships between the artists mentioned in the book. “I tell you one more clue: some of my witnesses have been collaborating witnesses of the PGR (Attorney General’s Office), that is the level of certainty,” he said.

Beyond these revelations, the book is focused on the biographies of the women of the main Mexican drug traffickers, among them the wife of ‘Chapo’, who on November 30 was doomed to 36 months in prison by a US court after pleading guilty to conspiracy to traffic drugs and launder money from the Sinaloa cartel.

Is the glamor over? The fall of Emma Coronel, the wife of'Chapo' Guzmán who will be tried for drug trafficking

Hernández assured that his main objective is for the women involved to do a #MeToo (one of the slogans of feminist movements) in the cartels. “That they say enough is enough, that they tell us about their suffering and help them get out of there, this is not a book to condemn anyone but to break the patriarchal system,” he added when summoning them to write emails.

The journalist specified that so far she has not received any formal complaint, but if there were, several of her witnesses are willing to appear before the corresponding courts to corroborate the statements she makes in the book.

“If someone feels really uncomfortable, offended, my witnesses can speak. I have been very prudent, we know that giving names of people is a very serious matter, when I do it is because I have a thousand percent corroborated information”, He said, noting that the list of famous people related to narcos is even longer, but he did not include all of them because he is still investigating.

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‘Emma and the other narco ladies’: the book that unleashes a scandal in Mexico by linking famous celebrities with the drug lords