Enough of crushing Nicole Kidman

“What have you done to yourself?”, “You look like a monster”, “You don’t look like you”… are some of the phrases that we can read among the comments to the last photo that Nicole Kidman published in Instagram. Moreover, several English-speaking tabloids have turned to the news pointing out the actress to be “unrecognizable”while others analyze your face with the help of aesthetic experts trying to figure out what touch-ups or treatments could have been done.

However, the reactions have taken me back to the past, straight to 2008, when the world turned to criticize her for the alleged abuse of retouching that left her expressionless in movies like Australia. But I wonder… how long is she going to continue to be crushed and analyzed for what she decides to do, or not, to her body?

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In the photo in question, the 54-year-old actress appears alongside Lulu Wang, the director directing her new series for Amazon Prime, Expats. And it is true that Nicole looks a bit different, both because of her smooth skin and her apparently elongated jaw, although it could be attributed to the effect of light, filters, the angle at which the photo was taken, makeup or yes, why not, some cosmetic touch up. And while the image has received thousands of adoring comments from fans, we also found backlashes pointing, bashing, and criticizing the way it looks in the image.

The media immediacy echoed the negative comments with some articles headlining that he looks “unrecognizable” and with a “very tight face”, while New York Post He spoke with a plastic surgeon named Dara Liotta, who never treated the actress, about the appearance she shows in the image, elucubrating possible theories. For example, that the difference could be due to the use of filter applications such as Facetune or that “face and neck lift surgery could have been done” because “you can see the direction in which the deep structure of his face has been lifted upwards, most obviously at the tail of the eyebrow and at the corner of the mouth.” They even use the photo to fill it with arrows and examples where a treatment could have been done.

But… treatment or not, why does it have to matter to us to the point of criticizing or pointing it out?

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - APRIL 18: Nicole Kidman at the Los Angeles premiere of

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA – APRIL 18: Nicole Kidman at the Los Angeles Premiere of “Man From The North” at the TCL Chinese Theater on April 18, 2022 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images)

In my opinion, Nicole Kidman maintains a relationship with the public, at least, curious. Just as she is praised for her professional resume and she receives thousands of comments of affection and support, there is another side of the coin that is dedicated to observing her physique under her magnifying glass. From the viral GIF that makes fun of his long fingers clapping at the Oscars to his open-mouthed reaction at the last ceremony (which many confused with his reaction to Will Smith’s slap, but they were actually different moments), they are images that have gone down in network history. They are simply memes in their own right. So far perfect. We could say that they are the jinxes of the profession of being famous.

However, since Kidman abused Botox in 2008 and gave us her least expressive and most criticized performance of her career in Australia, there is a kind of radical turn in the notoriety that the world gives to its beauty. Either because of the protective fanaticism of wanting to see her great talent intact after the debacle of Australia, or due to the malice of the lady in the net curtain, since then each of her new works, series or films, as well as her appearances on red carpets, serve as an excuse to observe carefully and stealthily as a ninja if she looks different again, if it has been done some retouching And the reactions to the new photo prove it. It is the first time that he seems to look a little different, and in less than 24 hours they are already on him.

However, I wonder, what right does the world have to hammer her like that? She is a successful 54-year-old woman, enjoying having reached the highest peak of her career, working non-stop with leading roles that set her as an example of professional vitality and survival in an industry that he retired his actresses once they were over 40. She is free to do whatever she wants with her face, and if that affects the expressiveness of her work, that’s up to her. But from there to crushing her saying that she is turning into a monster, questioning what she did to herself or writing phrases like “something is wrong with your face”, as read on Instagram, seems completely unnecessary to me.

Nicole Kidman is an actress as huge as the top of a pine tree. In recent years it has shown us that his talent knows no limits and that her beauty, tweaked or untouched, does not define her talent or success. Therefore, what do we care if you get a touch up, Botox injection or treatment? Will it be the first? The last? Let’s be honest, aesthetic touch-ups have coexisted in our everyday world for a long time. Isn’t it time to put aside prejudices and stop pointing fingers at those who choose to use them? Be it Nicole Kidman or Perico de los Palotes.

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Enough of crushing Nicole Kidman