Epigmenio Ibarra and García Soto collide in networks after the murder of Lourdes Maldonado

Journalist Salvador Garcia Soto and television producer Epigmenio Ibarra engaged in an exchange of accusations on Twitter around the murder of reporter Lourdes Maldonado in Tijuana last Sunday.

The dispute between the two began when the columnist for THE UNIVERSAL replicated an image in which Epigmenio Ibarra, and who is close to President López Obrador, criticized the murder of communicators in the six-year terms of Felipe Calderon Y Enrique Pena Nieto.

“And now what does Mr. @epigmenioibarra say about the 28 murders of journalists so far in the government of @lopezobrador_”, questioned García Soto, a message that generated a prompt response from the producer, where he pointed out that he did condemn the act and demanded justice.

In addition, he made a difference between the three presidents referred to, because compared to López Obrador, he accused, Peña Nieto branded the protests as “lamentation”, while Felipe Calderón imposed “that useless and bloody war that unleashed this unstoppable wave of violence” .

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García Soto justified himself and clarified that he did not see said message to which the producer alluded. He then dismissed Ibarra’s arguments, since from his point of view President López Obrador has not been firm in demanding that prosecutors and judges clarify the 28 murders of journalists during his administration.

So the accusations continued. While Epigmenio Ibarra questioned the alleged non-existent criticism of Salvador García Soto in the previous two six-year terms, he accused him of “marrying” the government headed by López Obrador and not demanding justice as he does with previous administrations.

“Where were you, I ask you, when we demanded justice for the murdered journalists and for the Calderón war that unleashed this unstoppable criminal violence? And when Peña deepened the conflict?” questioned Epigmenio.

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Given this, the columnist asked him to review his texts during Felipe Calderón’s six-year term to verify the convictions he made in his time.

“If you take the trouble, you will see that I criticized you just like you did then. The difference is that you married AMLO and the 4T, that’s why now you no longer criticize or demand justice for the drug violence that follows,” he replied.

And he added in another message: “You ‘rise’ against the corrupt, criminal and authoritarian in everything, but only those of the past. You adore and praise those of the present, you lost all capacity for criticism and that is why you always speak of the past.” .

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Epigmenio replied to the argument put forward by García Soto and accused him of “worshiping” and “praise” the coruptos of previous six-year terms. “His is not critical, it’s pure ideological rage,” he concluded.


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Epigmenio Ibarra and García Soto collide in networks after the murder of Lourdes Maldonado