Eric del Castillo makes it clear if he reconsiders getting vaccinated after learning that his daughter Kate has covid

Eric del Castillo revealed that he was unaware that his daughter Kate He tested positive for covid-19 and that he is “in recovery” at home in the US, as announced by the actress on Tuesday, January 11.

The 87-year-old actor reacted to the news, which he found out through the media because he said that his famous daughter did not contact him to find out.

Eric del Castillo explains why he was not aware of his daughter Kate’s health

The artist was interviewed by the Mexican show “Ventaneando” this Wednesday, January 12, just hours after Kate del Castillo confirmed on Instagram that she had been infected.

“I found out from you”said Mr. Eric del Castillo when speaking by video call with that medium.

“I sent her a WhatsApp (message) and then we communicated with her. She try to avoid problems and concerns,” he justified.

The actor recounted what his daughter told him in the communication they had: “‘Don’t worry, dad. Yes, I did go for a test and it came out positive, but fortunately I have very minor problems‘”.

When the actress revealed her state of health, the alarms went off because she had just been in Mexico with her family a few days ago and there was speculation about the state of health of her father, her mother (Kate Trillo) and her sister ( Veronica del Castillo).

Eric del Castillo, do you reconsider getting vaccinated against covid-19?

Don Eric del Castillo has made it clear on several occasions that neither he nor his family “need” to be vaccinated, as he told El Universal in August 2021: “I am not against the vaccine, not at all, that everyone be vaccinated world if it helps your health, but me and my family do not need to be vaccinated“expressed the first actor.

In that same interview, he said that his daughter Kate del Castillo since she had vaccinated in the US, where he lives, because his work commitments required it.

But a day before the actress announced that she tested positive, her father reaffirmed his anti-vaccine stance outside Televisa San Ángel to media such as Wake up America.

Now, after knowing the situation that her youngest daughter is facing, she seems to have relaxed her position, as she assured that if they felt any suspicious symptoms, then they would apply the biological one.

“We are very well as we are,” he told ‘Ventaneando’, “we are not against anything. Let each person do what they think is convenient with their lives. We feel fine.”

“If for some reason we feel bad, then we will resort to do it, there will be no problem“, he said about the possibility of getting vaccinated.

This apparent reconsideration is also due to the guidelines that countries like the US have implemented to allow access to foreign visitors.

“Every time they ask you for the (covid-19 detection) test, the proof (of vaccination) and if we want to go to Los Angeles, well we will have to do it sooner or later“.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have reiterated that “covid-19 vaccines are safe and effective.” The agency has made it clear that getting vaccinated “is safer and more reliable to generate immunity” against the virus “through vaccination” instead of waiting to get infected without the biological.


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Eric del Castillo makes it clear if he reconsiders getting vaccinated after learning that his daughter Kate has covid