Érika de la Vega: I need to add more than entertain

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When to Erika de la vega They offered her to be part of a panel of women who would give their opinion on subscription television on various issues with a gender perspective, her immediate response was: “Obvious. Yes”.

The production of Woman’s eyes, the new talk show that will premiere on E! Entertainment on December 2, He wanted her in the group made up of social media star Chiky Bombom and Mexican actress and businesswoman Elizabeth Gutiérrez, with fellow Mexican Carla Medina as moderator. The four would have the opportunity to give their opinion in a genuine space to talk about issues related to the female world in a training, knowledge and humor program.

Erika de la vega
Ojos de Mujer will premiere this December 2 | Photo E! Entertainment

“I said yes immediately. It had been a while I was not doing television because I decided to do my own projects. The projects I did in the United States weren’t planned that way. They were part of a specific publisher and were not designed to give an opinion. I’m eager to continue learning and open a type of conversation like this, ”says de La Vega.

Every Thursday at 10:00 pm, Venezuela time, and for 12 one-hour episodes, the panelists will meet to share their opinions, uncensored. They will talk about topics as diverse and current as gender roles, beauty canons or social mandates. The group will also ask itself different questions: what defines women today? Can a sex worker demand rights? Can an icon ask to be left alone?

The presenter, announcer and comedian Venezuelan 46-year-old applauds that a network like E! Entertainment provides the space for these types of conversations to take place. “The channel is doing different programs to support women and lends its screen to raise issues that are not really being talked about in traditional or digital media. That is what we need. Women now have the chance and we don’t know how long the space will last for us to transform society ”, she says.

And she adds: “Change begins with oneself, and if we do not dare to give our opinion from a genuine and authentic place, then how can there be change? This program proposes that we give our opinion, that we respect that of others and that others form your own opinion on different topics ”.

Thanks to this program, with which he returns to television after 6 years of absence, De la Vega learned that you can change your mind. “We can be flexible with our opinions, we don’t have to be square minds. We all do not think the same because we all fight for the same thing. What we all have to celebrate here is that a space is being opened to talk about issues that are not normally discussed on television, ”he says.

Erika de la vega
Photo E! Entertainment

De la Vega hopes that Woman’s eyes be the first of many programs that encourage these conversations. “If what we talk about in a podcast can reach more people, then welcome. We need the space, we need all of us to come together. It is useless that we are talking and we do not have the platforms to be heard ”, he asserts.

Add and contribute

Although Érika de la Vega would love to continue doing television, her future on the screens is still uncertain and she does not know if she will do another program. “I don’t know if this will be the return to a career in television. I have done a very deep and important job to remove the labels that used to define me in my podcast In self defense. There I did important work to discover who I really am without being a television presenter, comedian or broadcaster. I wanted to find out what kind of human being I am. I would love to continue doing television, but if I do not do it, it is also good because there are other things that also fill me, other issues that I am also addressing in other places ”, he reveals.

His podcast appeared this year for the second time on the list of top 25 podcast in Spanish to learn and laugh at Or, The Oprah Magazine. With more than 100 episodes and a whole community around the project, the podcast has transformed it, a change that now leads to subscription television thanks to Woman’s eyes.

“I think I learned a lot in these three years with the podcast In self defense, chat with more than 150 women makes you a different person, I can’t be the same and I decided not to be the same. I changed things in my life, I made decisions. In this program I have been able to apply and talk about all the things I have learned, ”he says.

De La Vega assures that the important thing at this time in his life is to communicate, it is what he needs the most as a professional. “Needed be useful in communication that I am transmitting, contributing, adding more than entertaining, which was what I did before. I discovered another way to entertain that is by being useful. Yes, I would love to continue doing this type of program, but if I don’t do it anyway, that’s fine because I’m going to find a way to keep communicating ”, he confesses.

Erika de la vega
Ojos de mujer will air every Thursday at 10 pm, Venezuela time | Photo E! Entertainment

Mastermind and conciliatory

In promoting E! Entertainment from Ojos de mujer to Érika de la Vega describe her as the mastermind of the show, thanks to Chiky BomBom.

“One day, Chiky BomBom said: ‘Oh, but where do you get all that from? This is a mastermind. The nickname is a joke of hers, although it sounds bombastic to me. I think Chyki was impressed because I had a conciliatory mind. I want to respect the processes of others, I do not want to point to anyone, just as I want them to respect mine. What I propose in this program is an opinion, but with a more conciliatory mind ”, he relates. That is one of the many lessons that his podcast has left him: respect the opinion of others, include others and know that no one has the absolute truth.

Ojos de mujer presents a group of women that De la Vega has defined as brave. “We are brave in demonstrating our vulnerability ”, he affirms. During the recordings of the show, difficult subjects were presented, complex to tackle, there were even some who did not know well how to approach them.

“There were issues in which we had to say: ‘I have to shut up because I’m ignorant in this regard and I don’t know what to say.’ I believe that that’s the beauty of showing because it is part of the life of any human being. That is what we have in common: we are brave women, who demonstrate our vulnerability and we also know the importance of sharing experiences that were not the best to be able to give a point of view, to add more women: it happened to me, to you It happened to you and we are not alone ”, he explains.

She adds: “Besides, most of us are moms, except for Carlita, that also unites us. We all want to contribute, to be heard. We have a lot of things in common even though we come from different places with completely different life experiences ”.

On Woman’s eyes, De La Vega learned that by listening and giving opinions on different topics it got stronger and a better opinion was also formed. During the process, she felt accompanied, united with the other members of the panel, always with the flag of respect.

“I believe that united by respecting our opinions we can go further. This program for me was a confirmation that it is wonderful to live in this moment where we women realized that we had to support each other. It is not enough that one arrives but that we arrive several to be able to do the real changes what we want to see ”, concludes Érika de la Vega.

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Érika de la Vega: I need to add more than entertain