Ernesto D’Alessio defended his position on sex change surgeries after strong criticism

On December 30, 2021, the Instituto de Seguridad y Servicios Sociales de los Trabajadores (ISSTE), a Mexican government organization dedicated to the health care of workers who do not work in a government institution, announced that the first reallocation operation of sex performed in their facilities was successful.

Said surgery is part of the actions that the dependency took in favor of being more inclusive and ensuring non-discrimination, in this case, of the people from the LGBT+ community.

Ernesto D’Alessio accused of being transphobic

Before the news, Ernesto D’Alessio showed his discontent and explained that it seemed that the problems of humanity were more sexual, instead of being poverty, economy, education, etc. Likewise, he showed his rejection of these types of operations being financed by the State.

His answer was supported by several users. However, the actor was also strongly criticized by many and branded as transphobic, accusations that others have received. celebrities like Maky Mogilevsky.

A month after this moment, Ernesto explained to the ‘First Hand’ microphones why he does not agree with sex reassignment operations being financed with government money.

Ernesto D’Alessio explained his position on sex reassignment operations

The also graduate in Legal Sciences made it clear that at no time was he opposed to “people living their lives freely” and, if a sex reassignment operation is in his wishes, he is not against it.

However, what he opposes is that money from Mexicans is used to perform said surgery.

“I’m not saying they don’t have surgery. I say, ‘Yes, have surgery but pay for it with your money, don’t pay for your wish with people’s money. That’s what I’m opposed to.”

According to the singer, all people are free and have the “right to perceive themselves as they want.” D’Alessio agrees that diversity should be treated with respect and empathy. However, that doesn’t mean everyone else who doesn’t share the LGBT+ mindset has to pay for their wishes, he explained.

“I am not against homosexuals, let them be happy. What I oppose is that they want to impose their way of thinking on us”.

Ernesto D’Alessio compared sex reassignment operations with liposuction

Ernesto also took the opportunity to explain a little more about why he does not agree with the State paying for this type of operation with an example: he compared sex reassignment surgeries with operations such as liposuction or other procedures that, according to him, only they are a personal desire that should not be fulfilled with the money of the Mexicans.

“Imagine that I want to operate on anything and it is my wish and I have the right to do so. I do not dispute it, people have the right to perceive themselves as they want, but to use money from the State so that you have surgery, because it would be the same as if a woman or a man wanted to have liposuction and then let the State pay for it. …that is what I oppose”

This new response again caused a rejection by many social network users against the actor. Several agreed that the best thing for Ernesto is for him to remain silent.

“Why don’t they learn to keep quiet and not fuck her sovereignly?”, “Now cancel all these ignorant people from open television” are some of the comments that are read on Twitter, a platform where Lupira’s son D’Alessio has also defended himself.

One day before his interview with ‘First hand’, Ernesto spoke about the ‘hate’ he has received on social networks.

And you, do you share Ernesto D’Alessio’s opinion?

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Ernesto D’Alessio defended his position on sex change surgeries after strong criticism