Esmeralda Pimentel: the popular Mexican actress who shouts from the rooftops her pride in having Dominican blood

As soon as he identified my Dominican accent, his face lit up, he opened his beautiful green eyes and shouted: “banana power!”. This is how the interview began. actress and model Emerald Pimentel with Free Journal during the coverage of platinum awardsheld in Madrid, where she was in charge of presenting a category.

Born in New York, United States, she was raised, educated and trained in Mexico. The protagonist of successful soap operas, movies and television series confessed the illusion that makes her talk with a local media, because, she assures, her father, who was a native of La Vega, always instilled in her her love for the Dominican Republic. She says she knows the tricolor culture, and she longs to join a film project shot in our beautiful borders.

We found out that you have Dominican blood, tell us more about it.

Yes, I feel very proud of my Dominican side. Many people don’t know it but my dad was Dominican, I say it was him, because unfortunately he passed away; but I feel super proud. I am Pimentel from La Vega. My dad was born in La Vega. He loves my laughter, the dance, the people, the music, the food from the Dominican Republic, and whenever I see Dominicans it’s like being at home.

You have a mixture of two quite interesting cultures, with differences, but many similarities, how do you consider that the Mexican and Dominican cultures are similar?

The main similarity lies in the warmth of the people. We have in common that we are very warm, we see each other, and above all, when we are in other countries, we support each other. I feel very proud of my Dominican part and my Mexican part.

You started doing soap operas and now you are more focused on the Seventh Art and serials. How does this change occur?

I feel very proud of everything I have done during my career. Making soap operas for me was a great school, I feel very proud, and, in addition, they reach all over the world, and then, when I started looking for options in the cinema and the series, I had to go back to auditions, open the doors and right now I am very happy with everything that is happening in my career and all the projects that are coming. I just do not believe it. I am dreaming

How do you rate the changes that are taking place in the audiovisual industry, since Hollywood is not the only option and is that reflected in the number of projects being carried out in Latin America?

Totally, I believe that we Latinos have shown our talent, our ability and the effort we put into projects, both in front of and behind the cameras, and I love seeing so many international productions with Latinas and Latinos.

Since I decided to do projects that would take me out of my comfort zone, the only thing I have done is travel. Being here in Madrid, in Spain, is my third time that I am going to shoot, (I have also shot) in the United States, so I am happy and open to the changes (and projects) that come.

Tell us more about those projects.

Here (in Spain) a film I made with Miguel Ángel Muñoz called “El otro lugar” is going to be released, we shot it two years ago and it will finally see the light of day. It was shot in Cantabria. It’s a story of believing in love again, it’s wonderful.

And now I’m going to start shooting “Monte Cristo” with William Levy, based on Alexandre Dumas’s classic “The Count of Monte Cristo”. Then I premiere “Where There Was Fire”, a series in which I play a female firefighter, after that I’m going to the United States to shoot another series, so look, I’m surrounded by a lot of blessings.

When will we have you in the Dominican Republic filming some cultural or cinematographic project?

I’d love to. I have heard of that wonderful film law that they have there and that invites us producers to make their dream of telling wonderful stories come true. I have that pending issue, nothing would make me happier than going to the Dominican Republic, where my father was from, and doing a project there.

I have been invited on several occasions, but I have not been able to. They have been projects that have not been achieved for one thing or another, but yes, I want it, I totally want it.

What projects challenge you as an actress?

I think that playing professions with which you are not familiar is always pleasant. I just played a firefighter, then I will play the character of a woman who is a cryptocurrency guru, an area in which I had felt very far away but which is very interesting. I think that’s it, everything that is far from my reach attracts me a lot.

How do you prepare for a character, especially when it’s something so unknown or far removed from what you do?

Well, precisely, for that role as a firefighter I prepared myself for two months, it was two months of hard work; We went to a fire station to learn, first the theory and then the practice, they (the firefighters) staged each scene for us, they were the ones who adapted the dialogue for us to make it more truthful.

Playing a female firefighter in this world dominated by men, and in which they have had to work twice as hard, revealing what made them stand out and be valuable, was very honoring for me.

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Speaking of outstanding women, how do you rate the role of women in cinema?

I believe that if we women have something, it is our ability to transform things in every way; At the political level, all the things that have been done, for example in Mexico, are based on struggles against mistreatment of women led by women.

In our profession we see how women have influenced so that the narratives are changed and every day there are more roles that highlight women, with much more equitable roles, that do us justice and honor us so as not to continue perpetuating violence also, visually, then, it is a task that I take. I am a feminist, I am proud to be one, to raise my voice, not to be afraid, to learn to raise it, also to learn to denounce when there is some injustice and I think it is important to do so, it is very necessary that both men and women are actively involved.

Actors have to deal with multiple situations, and learn to live with rejection, especially during auditions, how do you react when a role that you thought was ideal for you, finally you are not selected?

There are roles that generate a lot of enthusiasm, then they tell you no, but when you turn back and see it done by someone else, you say, now I understand why it wasn’t for me.

I think as actors that makes us very resilient, makes us stronger and helps us to let go and let go. I always prepare tremendously for an audition and when I come out I let it go and say whatever God wants.

Apart from resilience, what other characteristic identifies the actors?

I think that, without a doubt, there is a bit of madness in all of us who are part of this industry and in the end it is the characteristic that helps you enjoy this wonderful profession.

Finally, a message to Dominicans…

Of course, I couldn’t say goodbye to this wonderful interview without sending a lot of love and many kisses to my wonderful country Dominican Republic with all my pride.

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Meet Esmeralda Pimentel

  • Maria Esmeralda Pimentel was born in The Bronx, New York on September 8, 1989, the daughter of a Dominican father and a Mexican mother.

  • She competed in Nuestra Belleza México, coming in third place representing Zapotlán.

  • At age 19, she began making appearances in television commercials and as a model for Mexican clothing brands.

  • In 2014 he received his first leading role in The Color of Passion, produced by Roberto Gómez Fernández.

  • In 2015, she made her second leading role in La neighbor, along with Juan Diego Covarrubias, Javier Jattin and Natalia Guerrero, another Lucero Suárez production.

  • In 2017, she is again chosen by the production company Lucero Suárez to star in Falling in love with Ramón (adaptation of the Venezuelan telenovela Tomasa Tequiero), where she shares credits with José Ron.

  • After this telenovela, he focuses on the world of series and movies, starring in successful productions such as “Beauty and the Beasts”, “El Candidate” and “La Templanza”, the latter two for Amazon Prime Video.

  • He also acted in the popular series “The good doctor”.

  • Esmeralda Pimentel, in addition to her acting career, has carried out philanthropic work, being a spokesperson for the non-profit companies, Habitat Mexico and its subdivision “Brigada Rosa”, whose main objective is to unite people from various sectors of society to draw attention to the problem of not having adequate housing focused on families headed by women heads of household and invite everyone to be part of actions that can change this situation and break the cycle of poverty. She is also part of the Caritas Organization that supports children and adults with chronic-degenerative diseases through supplies for their medical treatment or blood transfusions.

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Esmeralda Pimentel: the popular Mexican actress who shouts from the rooftops her pride in having Dominican blood