Eugenia Osborne breaks her silence about their separation: ‘I would not go back to him, but I love him madly’

Since to end of last July announced their separation through a statement, Eugenia Osborne had not publicly commented on his marital breakdown of Juan Melgarejo. He did it today, almost four months later, to relate how is she herself and what is her current relationship with her ex-partner and father of her three children. HELLO! has had the opportunity to chat with Bertín’s middle daughter, who open your heart to talk about the personal issues that affect you the most. After ten years married and almost fourteen in relationship, the designer and influencer explain what still getting along “very well” with the employer and have the “joint custody” of children. On the reasons for their separation, he alludes to the wear and tear of time because “we had distanced ourselves and that’s it”. As for whether he leaves the door open to a possible reconciliation, he emphatically states that “I would not go back to him” although “I love him madly”he said this morning during presentation with Fabiola Martínez of the Bell Little fighters de Dodot, of which Eugenia is an ambassador.

Eugenia Osborne opens stage from her new home

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Hello Eugenia, first of all, how are your professional projects related to design going?

I’m with the aprons, tables, tableware … and also my work on Instagram, which luckily the market is moving a lot

How did you come up with the idea of ​​making aprons for the kitchen?

It was in confinement, since we were all cooking a lot. As it was not the time to get something fashionable, the idea came up to make the most beautiful aprons that I could think of. The truth is that I am very entertained sewing and it is working well

Speaking of culinary issues, your father Bertín quite likes …

He says he knows how to cook (laughs), but I haven’t seen him … he has never made me a fried egg (laughs), but he will know how to do something, for sure … phenomenal iron, sweep the broom, vacuum … it’s very homemade

Does Fabiola already have any of the aprons you’ve made?

No, but I’m going to take it to her this Sunday, I’m meeting her for lunch

You and her get along like a charm …

Our relationship is great and we get along great … We are family and we love each other very much

Also, now you are both in the same vital moment, having no partner

Yes, we agree from what I see … it is true that we have many things in common. We give each other advice about everything, the children … and I will ask for more when my adolescence arrives, there are still a couple of years left.

Do you think Bertín and Fabiola could give themselves a new opportunity?

That you better ask them

But would you like them to be together again?

Man sure I would

And talking about you, are you looking for love again?

No, now I am focused on my work, my children and that’s it. I try to enjoy life and be happy

How are things with your ex-husband?

Very well. The relationship is very good.

And what was the main reason for your separation?

The wear … we had distanced ourselves and that’s it, but we love each other a lot and we get along very well

He keeps coming home to see the children …

Of course I do, and I am at his house as well. For the children you have to have a good relationship, that is the advice that I can give to everyone

And are the kids doing well?

Yes very good. As we are doing joint custody, the children are with him and me … or we are going to have a picnic there … Also, it will soon be Sandra’s (his daughter) birthday and we are organizing it. That for them is very important

How is your daughter?

Great, very mature for her age. He loves to read and has told me that he only wants books in his room. He asks me to make the room black, and that’s something that worries me (laughs), but of course I said no. She is delighted and asks me for a little sister, although now it is complicated (she nods in relation to her single status)

Has the separation from Juan been a failure for you?

No not at all. Life takes you on different paths and you have to manage it in the best way … but separating is not a failure

What if they tell you that he has a new relationship?

I would be very happy for him. You deserve the best. He is a wonderful man and I have always said so. I’m not going to find anyone like him in my life

Would you go back to Juan?

No, I would not go back to him, but I know that I love him madly and I wish him the best in the world

What did your father say to you, Bertín, when you told him that you were separating from your husband?

He told me not to do it (laughs)

Of course, because of the love he feels for his sons-in-law …

Yes, but I spoke to him and he understood me. He told me to go ahead and be in the best possible way

And speaking of your father, what do you think about the new illusion attributed to him with Chabeli Navarro?

That would have to be asked of him. I was at that meal, we both met her and then my father and I went to the country. There was no more story

Changing the subject, how does your sister Claudia feel now that she is a married woman?

Shes charmed

Her wedding to José Entrecanales must have been very exciting …

Yes, very funny and emotional. We miss people there, especially my mother, but we were very happy and we had a great time

Finally, what plans do you have for this Christmas?

It is an unknown for everyone. We will be in Jerez, all the sisters together. My father still does not know where he is going to spend them and we hope he will join. He said yes, but at the last moment he can cancel it for us (laughs) … We have to finish talking about it now

Eugenia and Fabiola share through tears a painful experience that unites them forever

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Eugenia Osborne breaks her silence about their separation: ‘I would not go back to him, but I love him madly’