Eugenio Derbez begs Victoria Ruffo to tell the truth about her wedding

Eugenio Derbez begs Victoria Ruffo to tell the truth about her weddingbecause years after the conflict where the Mexican comedian lost the protested homeland of his youngest son, Jose Eduardo Derbezassures that to this day it is still an issue that hurts a lot.

Yes OK, Eugenio Derbez He had already talked about how his relationship with Victoria Ruffoas announced, this weekend in an interview with Yordi Rosado the Mexican actor and creator behind “No refunds”, “The P. Luche family” Y “To the right and to Derbez”, He took advantage of the space to talk in detail about how things happened and touched the hearts of many by assuring that what weighed him down the most was that his son thought he had abandoned him.

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Eugenio Derbez revealed that within two weeks of dating Victoria Ruffo she got pregnant and together they decided to tell the press that they were going to get married, so they bought some rings and he planned the party to make the delivery of the rings a romantic moment. Although, according to son of Silvia Derbezhe planned everything to surprise Victoria, he assured that she always knew it was a joke.

Derbez mentioned that although he was not aware of it, he believed that by trying to create a legal agreement for the welfare of his son, the lawyer of Victoria Ruffo Ie would have suggested suing him for moral damages by creating the fake wedding story. He added that all of Victoria’s family and various media figures knew it was a joke, but that it hurt him a lot that they did not declare it in the legal process where he lost his homeland in protest. Jose Eduardo Derbez.

Even if Eugenio Derbez she saw her son very little when José Eduardo was between 5 and 7 years old, it was from 7 to 12 that she practically did not see him because Victoria Ruffo would not allow it, she even stole him from school a few times to see him, she never told him that her mother did not allow her to see him. It was years later when Eugenio Derbez and José Eduardo had an approach and he stressed that in the whole situation there were no villains nor did he wish Victoria Ruffo ill, that what happened was simply derived from the immaturity of both.

Eugenio Derbez He also said that when he was going to marry Alessandra RosaldoJosé Eduardo Derbez asked him what he wanted as a gift and the comedian asked him to tell his mother to tell the truth, something to which Victoria Ruffo he refused. He assured that the worst thing about the alleged fake wedding was that they took her son away from her, because although she asked some of those present to tell the truth in court, they refused to take her against Victoria Ruffo.

Eugenio Derbez assures that Alessandra Rosaldo is the woman of his life

Time has changed many things and among them, his idea about love, as Eugenio Derbez stressed that he was sure that Alessandra Rosaldo she was the woman of his life, that she had been key to reorganizing his life and strengthening his relationship with all his children, in addition to succeeding with his career abroad.

Another of the most emotional parts of the interview was when Eugenio Derbez recounted the last goodbye to his mother, the great actress Silvia Derbezwho lost the battle against lung cancer and gave his last breath holding his hand as when he was a child.

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Although some followers of Yordi Rosado and Eugenio Derbez they were upset by what Eugenio Derbez said about Victoria Ruffo, assuring that she should not speak ill of the mothers of her children, others asked that the famous soap opera queen be given the right of reply and that she also be interviewed by Yordi Rosado .

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Eugenio Derbez begs Victoria Ruffo to tell the truth about her wedding