Eugenio Derbez reaches out to Carmen Salinas: offers to transfer her by air to get her out of a coma

As happened with the families of the deceased Octavio Ocaña and Sammy Pérez, the actor Eugenio Derbez again held out his hand for one of his colleagues: this time it is about Carmen Salinas.

According to Gustavo Briones, the artist’s nephew, the comedian has already contacted him to offer help that is necessary to get the actress come out of coma in which he has been for a week.

Eugenio Derbez offers air ambulance for Carmen Salinas

There have been several famous people who have joined in prayer through social networks to ask for the health of the actress. Others have published anecdotes and photos with her to remember the ties of friendship and affection they have with the artist.

One of them was Eugenio Derbez, who on November 12 posted a photo of the actress on Twitter with the label “#FuerzaCarmelita”. Now it is known that, privately, he has reached out to the family of the theater producer, so that his health can evolve.

The Mexican press asked Gustavo Briones if he could confirm the version that Eugenio Derbez had offered to pay for an air ambulance to take Carmen Salinas to the place that was necessary.

“Yes there was a communication out there, but I explained to him how things are and he told me nothing more than ‘I am at your service,’ “said the actress’s nephew in statements presented in ‘Come joy’ this Wednesday, November 17.

“Eugenio told me that he was at our orders and that whatever was offered to us we counted on him“Briones clarified the reasons why, until now, he declined the proposal of the actor based in Hollywood.

We don’t have to move it. Thank God we have received countless proposals to move it wherever we want, not just from him, (but) from many people. There is no reason to move it, it is perfectly cared for “.

Just last November 8, Octavio Pérez, father of the late actor Octavio Ocaña, revealed a moving audio that Eugenio Derbez sent him privately to express his support after the unexpected death of the 22-year-old actor.

“Here I am, from day one”He declared in a video on Instagram, “From day one I sent several people from the team to ask, to investigate. I have approached his family through third parties to see what is needed. Even with the hospital, but here I am “.

“I believe that when one helps genuinely and from the heart, what one wants is to help, don’t brag, don’t cluck it. So for all those who ask where I am, here I am, “he concluded.


Stroke or cerebral hemorrhage ?: this was the diagnosis of Carmen Salinas

Carmen Plascencia, granddaughter of the actress, clarified to the media what was the diagnosis her grandmother received from the doctors, after there was confusion about whether she suffered a stroke or brain hemorrhage.

“Spill is a colloquial term”, explained in the statements presented in ‘Come joy’, “a hemorrhage is the correct term. My grandmother had a bleeding in the brain stem and a lot of people say ‘he had a stroke’, yet there is no difference. The damage is the same“.

According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) there are two types of strokes. The first is ischemic, “caused by a clot that blocks or clogs a blood vessel in the brain”.

The other is hemorrhagic (or stroke) “caused by rupture and bleeding of a blood vessel in the brain. “It can also be called a” brain attack “or” stroke “in English.

Carmen Salinas’ granddaughter also denied the rumor that what happened to her grandmother was due to the covid-19 vaccine: ” No no no not at all. Virtually my entire family is vaccinated. ”

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Eugenio Derbez reaches out to Carmen Salinas: offers to transfer her by air to get her out of a coma