Eva?, Belinda is presumed from the real Eden, “beautiful”

Is it Eva, the beautiful Belinda He surprised Internet users on social networks where he showed off his beauty from what he claims is the true Eden, where nature became his accomplice to look truly radiant.

The famous Belinda Peregrin Schull played with the imagination of many by using a very light dress for the photo shoot in question, almost like the color of her skin, the elegant dress was complemented with a very natural makeup that highlighted her lips and a wavy hair that made her look very feline.

The interpreter of Boba nice girl posed sitting on the green grass and with a lot of green in the background, accompanied by a dangerous and attractive snake on her back that raised the tone of the image.

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Belinda published the photos in question on her official Instagram account on May 13 and in five hours she had already exceeded two hundred thousand reactions on the social network.

The singer and actress is in the promotion of the most recent launch of the series in which she participates, Welcome to Eden, from the Netflix platform, a story that they assure will have a second season.

Recently, Christian Nodal’s ex became a trend for a video in which you can see how she had fun as a guest of a television program in Spain.

On the show in question, Beli met a famous adult movie character who she thought was actually just a child and was greatly surprised by the images.

What caused the most stir in networks was the way in which Belinda He imitated the characters of this type of film, images that continue to circulate on networks such as Tik Tok.

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Eva?, Belinda is presumed from the real Eden, “beautiful”