Eva Longoria and her secret to burn 1000 calories

Recently the famous actress Eva Longoria has revealed his secret to burn 1000 calories and lose weight fast at age 40, as he has boasted of having a figure of real envy.

Eva Longoria has told us that the secret of her impressive figure This is because although the actress shows a passion for sports, this time she presented us with a fun exercise to discover that losing weight fast can be a lot of fun, so be inspired by her suggestions and try it in the coming months.

And it is that when we thought that the trick to have a defined silhouette was exhausting hours in the gym, the actress proves to us that there are many ways to strengthen your muscles, so forget about excuses and bet on this fitness secret that will help you forget about a few kilos.

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It was through her Instagram account, where the famous shared a video showing himself in boxing training.

In the post, he is seen strategically throwing some punches, with the help of a trainer.

His routine was complemented with jump ropes that he alternated with this self-defense practice.

It should be noted that this exercise will help you tone the most difficult areas to work on, such as the abdomen, arms or legs, and it is also ideal for losing weight in record time.

It is a self-defense discipline that will give you self-confidence, while also strengthening your heart.

On the other hand, jumping rope is one of the best practices to take care of your cardiovascular system, it will help you eliminate stress and improve your coordination.

The best thing is that in 30 minutes you will be able to burn up to 300 calories, so your body will be completely toned.

The truth is that Eva Longoria is one of the most beautiful celebrities in Hollywood and, through her social networks, the actress showed us a perfect makeup to look young after 40.

The best thing is that Eva Longoria’s makeup is extremely to do and you don’t need to be a makeup expert to achieve it.

It should be noted that Eva Longoria uses a concealer one tone lighter than the color of her skin, as this gives light to her eyes and prevents expression lines from being marked.

The way in which the concealer is applied is by simulating an inverted triangle in the area of ​​dark circles and blends perfectly with a sponge.

While for the shadows, Eva Longoria chooses a reddish brown tone to mark the eye socket and give depth to the look.

Using a smudger or fluffy brush, make sure the color is smooth, and finally, apply the same shade to the lower lashes to finish the look.

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Eva Longoria and her secret to burn 1000 calories