Evaluna Montaner fell and fans express concern about her pregnancy

Evaluna Montaner and Camilo Echeverry They are two entertainment figures that day after day sound non-stop between social networks and the media. There are multiple topics for which they are mentioned: their music, the Venezuelan’s acting career, the famous Montaner family, the number of times they publicly say they love each other and, of course, the fact that they will live for the first time the experience of being parents with the birth of Indigo sometime in the next few months.

Now, they are again among the media after Evaluna published a video showing her injured right leg, specifically the knee area. At the same time, Echeverry is helping him with a cure, in what can be seen he has a scratch in the mentioned area. Beyond the publication of this clip, the interpreter of ‘I freed myself’ wrote in the caption: “Today I fell and Camilo takes care of me.”

Evaluna Montaner suffers a fall and fans worry about her pregnancy

However, the Venezuelan did not expand the information on how she suffered this fall and neither has the Colombian singer. For her part, among the comments you can read several phrases of concern from her group of followers about her pregnancy, a row of questions with which it is intended to find out if everything is in order with Indigo’s gestation after the drop.

Post on Instagram by Evaluna Montaner. Photo: @evaluna
Post on Instagram by Evaluna Montaner. Photo: @evaluna

It should not be left out that the video was published on Friday, January 21, but apparently nothing serious happened.

It is to be remembered that, in 2018, the courtship of Camilo Echeverry and Evaluna Montaner became a marriage commitment; Two years later, in February 2020, their wedding took place in Miami, United States.

Comments to Evaluna Montaner's post. Photo: Instagram
Comments to Evaluna Montaner’s post. Photo: Instagram

Among the main artistic tasks that the Venezuelan has are music and acting. However, his resume also includes the completion of a podcast called ‘In the room with Evaluna’. Amazon Music describes said product in its synopsis as:

“Each week, Evaluna will have very personal conversations with friends, family, and people she admires to talk about issues that are important to her and the Latino community such as family values, faith, media representation, body image, authenticity and the role of women in the world of music”.

In addition to the above, The artist also included among her occupations the launch of a line of shoes (limited edition) with the Sarkany brand (by Ricky Sarkany, an Argentine designer). “Since the idea arose I have been very excited and not to mention when we started to design. It has a variety and so many beautiful things that I hope everyone likes it,” Evaluna Montaner told this medium.

His line includes various styles of shoes: sandals and ankle boots, for example. From her social networks, the singer showed some of them: “SARKANY BY EVALUNA”, she wrote in the legend.


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Evaluna Montaner fell and fans express concern about her pregnancy