Evaluna Montaner launched her line of shoes that will be a trend this 2022

Evaluate Montaner she is living one of the best stages, the songs that she has released next to her husband Camilo They have been to the public’s liking and now he has decided to undertake a new facet, it is about launching his line of shoes in the company of the Sarkany brand, and the Argentine designer Ricky Sarkany.

Evaluna made the announcement of this collection through her Instagram account, also posed with some designs, which will become a trend throughout 2022.

Why did Evaluna Montaner launch a line of shoes?

Her passion for footwear was inherited from her mother, Marlene Rodríguez, who took her to Buenos Aires with the designer. Now the singer will fulfill the dream of having her own line of shoes, in a special limited edition that will be sheltered by the Argentine brand.

Throughout the first months of pregnancy, the celebrity let her imagination fly, capturing the designs on paper, which will become a reality in said collection, as revealed in a talk with the Infobae media.

A few weeks ago, the brand published on its Instagram profile, which has 1.7 million followers, that very soon “something very nice is coming with Evaluna Montaner and Camilo Echeverry.”

Evaluna talked with the aforementioned media outlet that her favorite item of clothing or accessories has always been shoes.

“They are my weakness, I love them. As soon as my little foot was big enough to fit into one of Sarkany’s shoes, I started wearing them and they marked my lifestyle.”

During the last months of 2021, Camilo’s wife focused on the project, as well as on the partnership of working with Ricky Sarkany and Lorena Tarabini, art and design director of the shoe brand.

“Since the idea arose, I am very excited and not to mention when we started to design. It has a variety and so many beautiful things that I hope everyone will like it.”

When will the shoes created by Evaluna Montaner go on sale?

The designs created by the famous are available from January 20 in Ricky Sarkany stores in Argentina and the United States.

Evaluna stated that the process of designing the shoes was “playing at dreaming in the funniest way possible.” The next mother reported that she spent several hours in a Miami cafe, where she had a suitcase full of fabrics, soles and shapes with the designer to create her collection.

“I always liked boots and platforms, but we didn’t stay with that and we chose something specific for each moment. When they see the capsule they will see that there is everything: boots, sandals, platforms, slippers; and each one of them arose from my imagination: just as I dream of a shoe, so we did it”.

As a result of the news, his father, the singer Ricardo Montaner could not contain the emotion and congratulated the singer.

“Wonderful daughter of mine…always filling me with pride.”

But the flowers continued, the actress and interpreter Camila Cabello was also another of the artists who showed admiration for the young woman in this project.

What kind of shoes will make up the Evaluna collection?

According to the shoe portal, sandals, heels, boots and tennis shoes will be sold.

“We present Sarkany by Evaluna, an exclusive collection designed by the renowned artist. Combining her creativity and drawing inspiration from color palettes, she customized her favorite shoes and created a modern capsule with fashion designs. She also prioritized comfort in all of her shoes, including boots, sneakers, and high heels. The result of a beautiful collaboration, the collection combines glamour, sparkles, moons and glitter and is now available!”

How much will the shoes designed by Evaluna Montaner cost?

The cost of his new line of shoes ranges from 220 to 300 dollars and they are already on sale on the official site.

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Evaluna Montaner launched her line of shoes that will be a trend this 2022