Evaluna Montaner suffers a tremendous fall and shows her injuries

Through his Instagram account, Evaluate Montaner shared with his fans that Suffered a fall, so the worried after showing the wounds who suffered as a result of the incident, especially since the Venezuelan actress is pregnant and is already in her second and third trimesters.

It was through a video Evaluate Montaner shared where you can see that scraped his knee, and as the 24-year-old singer told us, Camilo is taking care of herIn fact, we can see the Colombian musician put ointments on her while lovingly touching her so that she heals soon.

So after seeing the images and seeing that the fall of the “Club 57” actress was not minor, they immediately asked how is Indigo, and although so far no answer has been given to that question, Camilo He looks visibly worried about Evaluna, but not so much that his belly has been affected.

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So, although many loved to see how affectionate the singer of “Vida de Rico” is with his wife, they were not entirely calm because Evaluna Montaner’s belly is already quite large and a fall at this stage of pregnancy can be serious, but it seems that is not the case.

Evaluna launches a new line of shoes

We recently met the Evaluna Montaner shoe line, which she launched with the women’s shoe brand Sarkany and that includes several models of sandals, including some that summarize the bizarre style of Ricardo Montaner’s youngest daughter, we’ll tell you why.

These are sandals that have a black and white checkered finish on the sole that gives the impression of being a chessboard or the goal of a race, it all depends on how you size it, while the straps are one in yellow and another in a shade of Barbie pink that without a doubt represents Evaluna.

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This same sneaker is found in other shades, in black, white, in a nude tone and the line of shoes also offers us short boots, all of them with a moon as a badge that they belong to the collection of the actress from “Grachi”, so there are black with white, white, and some pink Barbie in a metallic finish.

The line also offers platform shoes in various shades and tennis shoes, so shoes fit well for all styles, but always highlighting the character and charisma that Evaluna Montaner shares with her fans, whether at her concerts, work projects or on her social networks.

So perhaps you will find something that you may like among the line of shoes that includes classic models to the most bizarre, so without a doubt you will be able to find something that suits your tastes and needs, in addition to the fact that the shoes are combined with various versatile garments.

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Evaluna Montaner suffers a tremendous fall and shows her injuries