Evaluna Montaner tells that she goes to therapy with Camilo

Camilo Echeverry and Evaluna Montanaer they enjoy their personal and sentimental best moment. The marriage does not stop reaping successes all over the world and its happiness is added the next arrival of your baby, a child who will be called Indigo, although they still do not know if it will be a boy or a girl. The Venezuelan actress and singer wanted to express her happiness in the second season of the Amazon Original podcast In the living room, in which he has spoken of how your pregnancy is progressing, your relationship with your husband, and how important mental health is to both of you.

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“I have a relationship with God life. Other than that I feel like psychological support is super important. It’s something that has worked a lot for me, and Cami too, it’s something we do together “, confesses the interpreter’s wife. Rico’s life, Tutu or expensive clothes, To whom it helped a lot emotionally to go to therapy. “I love my psychologist, she is amazing”Ricardo Montaner’s daughter confesses to her more than 18 million followers, whom they call “tribe.”

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Evaluna and Camilo are a successful tandem. The artist, six months pregnant, has accompanied Camilo to each of his concerts, to award ceremonies such as the Latin Grammy Awards or to his appearance on American shows such as The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. “We have had many, many shows with Camilo. He has been wonderful. Now the belly is rising and I feel the air a little more limited, but the truth is that I have enjoyed everything very much. It has been a very beautiful experience because in each concert I realize in which songs Indigo moves more “, he says about his baby, who will come to the world next spring.” Surely with the newborn boy or girl it will be tour days and of intense music, “says Camilo’s wife after the singer of Millions has announced his tour of Spain for the summer of 2022. The Colombian artist will visit cities such as Seville, Madrid, Barcelona and Gran Canaria between the months of June and July of next year.

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During these months of pregnancy, the actress and singer has realized how important it is to take care of yourself and feel good about what is to come. “I have come to realize how strong this rhythm is and how much self-care is needed“He begins by saying.” I had a little time in Miami and that week I had a lot of work. And with my wonderful mother’s hormones, I cried and cried and all I asked was that I wanted to sunbathe, I wanted to get a tan, “recalls the actress, who published a photo with her husband showing off her pregnancy in a bikini. “When I took the blood tests I was low in vitamin D, so the body knows a lot and I think it is very important that you tune your ears and be aware of what the body is asking you for.”

Finally, the 24-year-old artist had no problem revealing to her fans what is the secret of your happy marriage after a year married. “Camilo and I feel that we support each other in everything and do everything together. He is as passionate as I am in all my projects and I in his,” he says about the father of his future baby, who counts the weeks and days to his arrival. “I am very excited because we are watching him grow in his belly. I have never been so excited about something in my life, never and that I am very emotional with all the things I do. But this, especially, because of the uncertainty of not knowing how it is going to happen makes me mentally and spiritually busy. I am always in control of my creativity, and now with Indigo, no “, the future father told a few weeks ago in this same podcast. Last October he and his wife announced in the most original way to all his followers who were going to be parents of your first child: showing in their new video clip the images of how they found out the good news. Together they collaborated on the song, Indigo, as her baby is going to be called, in which they showed their feelings and their most intimate images from their personal album.

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Evaluna Montaner tells that she goes to therapy with Camilo