Evaluna revealed the family tradition imposed by her father, Ricardo Montaner, which she hates and will not repeat with her son Indigo

Camilo and Evaluna Montaner formed one of the most mediatic couples in all of Latin America, with the romanticism that they always show on their social networks. So right now, when she is expecting her first child, all her fans want to know more about her family and, especially, Indigo, what her baby’s name will be.

During the Amazon Music podcast, “In the room”, the singer was with Angie Romero and took the opportunity to tell some details about her son. It was there that he talked about something that he will not do with him or her and that is considered a tradition by his family.

The young woman even stated that it is something traumatic and that her parents did it with her siblings and also with her, until they stopped doing it because she expressed her discomfort with this.

What is the family tradition that Evaluna hates?
Throughout the conversation, Evaluna was surprised to say that she hates that on birthdays the honoree is smeared with cake, which is something that is done in many Latin American countries.

She also revealed that they stopped doing that at home out of respect for her, who did not feel comfortable being smeared in that slightly humiliating way. That is why he will prevent Indigo from going through that.

“It was a family tradition that I hated, but they stopped doing it out of respect for me. I hope it never happens again. I hope my son doesn’t like that.”

What caused that tradition?
In addition to expressing her annoyance with this birthday custom, the young woman explained her reasons, which are valid and respected as her point of view. Indeed, surely many other people think the same.

“That thing about putting your face on the cake when they sing “Happy Birthday” to you, I hate it, I don’t like it. It scares me, it’s traumatic, it makes me feel claustrophobic, like it leaves me thinking: ‘You who are my brother did this to me’, it’s like I can’t breathe, “he said.

Ricardo Montaner, his wife Marlene Rodríguez and the three children they have in common, Mau, Ricky and Evaluna Instagram:@marlenesalome

How did the Montaner family react to Evaluna’s pregnancy?
In one of the scenes of the “Indigo” video clip, as they decided to name their baby, you can see when the artists break the news to their inner circle. Although among the images that pass very quickly, the future parents are very happy with their families, there are various reactions that can be seen.

An example of this is when Mau gets excited to the point that he breaks into tears. On the other hand, her mother Marlene shows a big smile, as does her father, the singer Ricardo Montaner.

Camilo said that he had not planned to have a child with Evaluna
Regarding the birth of his first child, Camilo offered an interview to People en Español where he acknowledged that although he “dreamed” of having a child and starting a family with Evaluna, they did not plan it for the short term.

“(Evaluna Montaner and I) We are very well, thank God. Happy waiting for Indigo”, said Camilo, who was quite excited to discover his new stage as a father.

“Seeing how Evaluna’s belly grows every day. We dreamed of having a baby in our lives, but we didn’t have it planned. He arrived unexpectedly and now we are preparing for his arrival,” added the singer.







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Evaluna revealed the family tradition imposed by her father, Ricardo Montaner, which she hates and will not repeat with her son Indigo