Everything that has happened so that Meghan Markle has been forced to apologize to a judge

With a triumphant statement, Meghan Markle celebrated her legal victory against ANL, the publishing group to which she belongs Mail on Sunday, whom he denounced for making public a private letter he sent to his father shortly after her wedding to Prince Harry. It was in February of this year when the judge agreed with the Duchess of Sussex, considering that “the revelations that were made were unnecessary or disproportionate.” However, the paths of Justice are always long and full of curves and the last turn of the case comes after the defendant has appealed the judgment. In addition, in this new chapter of the legal battle, the statement of a key witness has put Meghan in a serious bind, who, for now, has decided to apologize to the court through a statement read this Wednesday by one of the witnesses .

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In it, according to the agency AP, admitted that his secretary of communication had provided some information to the authors of the book Finding Freedom, but did not know the scope of said information. “I apologize to the court for the fact that I did not remember those exchanges at the time.”, has assured. Fragments of the well-known letter appear in the book written by Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand and it was a constant argument of the defendants’ defense to maintain that the newspaper did not disclose private information, but that it was in the public interest, while the attorney for Meghan Markle claimed that the writers had obtained it from the texts published by the defendant medium. But, What has happened since the Duchess of Sussex sent the letter to her father to get to this point?

A letter to bring positions closer together?

We learned of the writing in February 2019, about six months after Meghan sent it to her father. Its content appeared published in the Daily Mail. In it, he reproached him for not calling him to announce that I couldn’t attend your wedding due to heart surgery and finding out from the tabloids about his health problems. He also denied that he had ever helped him financially, as he related to the press. “I called you and sent you messages, I begged you to accept help, we sent someone to your house … and instead of talking to me to accept this or any kind of help, you stopped answering the phone and started talking to the tabloids”, Meghan wrote in her devastating letter in August 2018. Thomas Markle leaked this letter to contradict the version of her daughter’s friends that they declared to the magazine People that Meghan’s attitude to her father had always been conciliatory. For him, “the letter is cold” and he does not recognize his daughter in it.


The scandal then remained there and even ended up overshadowed by other controversies that the Duchess’s father starred in, but returned to the fore after Meghan and Harry broke ties with the royal family and moved to the United States.. The couple has always related your relationship with the media, especially with the British tabloids, practically like a real Way of the Cross that has weighed heavily on his decision to change his life and abandon the first line of royalty. However, they did not make a clean slate when they arrived in the United States, but decided to launch a legal offensive against those who, they considered, had crossed the limits.

The Duchess of Sussex’s lawsuit claimed that the reported media had acted “dishonestly” with the intention of harming her and deteriorating the relationship with her father and accused them of infringing copyright, her privacy and the data protection law. Some parts, such as the allegations about the intentionality of the editorial group, were rejected by the judgeWhile others such as those that point out that the disclosures were “unnecessary and excessive” gave the plaintiffs their first victory in court. Now, Meghan Markle has two open fronts. On the one hand, ANL has appealed this resolution and, on the other, it is pending to determine whether the Duchess’s copyright was also violated. And this point is the one that can get you into some other bind because, in the first place, is she the only author of the letter?

Entry on the scene of Jason Knauf

There is a fundamental name in this story: that of Jason Knauf, former secretary of communication at Kensington Palace. He is the one who by his position suggest that he could also be attributed the authorship of the letter, that is why his statement as a witness has been one of the first in this new hearing and it does not seem that he will help Meghan in her cause. On the copyright issue, his words assuring that the writing is purely from Prince Harry’s wife, although he did give some general idea, play in favor of his former employers, but there is another matter where his words have already caused tremors.


One of the assets of the defendants is to maintain that the Duchess wrote that letter aware that it was going to be published, therefore also in the unofficial biography Finding Freedom excerpts appear. A fact corroborated by Knauf by securing: “She asked me to review the letter, saying, ‘Obviously all I’ve written is with the understanding that it might leak, so I’ve chosen the words meticulously.”. However, taking precautions against the possibility of leaking does not mean that this is Meghan’s wish, nor that its publication is lawful. However, the fact that he has acknowledged that he has collaborated with the authors of the book by sharing information with them, something that Meghan’s defense categorically denied at trial, begins to compromise Prince Harry’s wife something more, to the point that she has been forced to give explanations to the judge in this new round of her legal battle that is expected to be intense.

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Everything that has happened so that Meghan Markle has been forced to apologize to a judge