Everything we know about Gigi and Zayn’s stormy breakup

Since they started their relationship six years ago, Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik they have always advocated for keep your private life as far away from the spotlight as possible, although that has not prevented certain details from leaking to the media during this time. When your daughter Khai just turned one year old and it seemed that the couple was going through a very sweet moment, their unexpected break has been made public, which is surrounded by great controversy. Yolanda Hadid, mother of the model, has accused the singer of aggression, which has triggered a visit to the court, a dismissal and reactions from people close to the family.

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik

Timeline of a stormy breakout

It all started a few hours ago, when the magazine People confirmed that the one who was one of the favorite couples of the Gen Z decided to separate. If in itself this news had already generated great expectation, the circumstances that surround it make it a real media bombshell, since the portal TMZ revealed that Yolanda Hadid claimed that her son-in-law pushed her into a closet and uttered serious insults against her when Gigi was away for work. Later, he, who does not usually comment on his personal life, issued a statement in which he spoke of his desire to maintain privacy and be a good father, in addition to denying the published information and declaring that what happened “was private and it still should be. ” Yes indeed, spoke of coparenting, that is, the term used for raising children by separated parents, indirectly confirming the break.

Just a few hours later it came to light that Zayn accepted the charges imposed by the court, four crimes of harassment for which he must pay a fine and will be paroled for 360 days in addition to complete an anger management course and a domestic violence course. However, this does not mean that he has admitted the accusation, but that he has accepted the “nolo contendere”, a legal system by which take the consequences without pleading guilty. Nor will he be able to contact Yolanda Hadid or the security guard who was at home and whom he also confronted.

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Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik with their daughter

Zayn fired from his record label

Apparently, the insults would not only have been directed towards his mother-in-law but also towards the one who was then his girlfriend, and it is that, apparently, after the incident, the former component of one direction called Gigi to complain about what happened and ended up adding her verbally. The latest news about this case affects the artist’s work environment, since his record company in the United States, RCA, you have terminated your employment agreement. As recounted The Sun, from the company they were concerned not only about the aggression but also about Zayn’s cannabis use. Close sources reveal that “numerous people who have worked with him have ended up giving up” because “it is impossible to control or guide”, in addition to that he constantly uses marijuana as part of his creative process.

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Yolanda and Gigi Hadid

Subtle but meaningful messages

Although there is still much to clarify and everyone wants to keep this conflict private, some of those close to the family have spoken indirectly, such as Safaa Malik, Zayn’s sister, who simply spelled the word “karma” or Bella Hadid, who posted “I can’t do anything for you other than work on myself. You can’t do anything for me but work on yourself“to erase it moments later.

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Everything we know about Gigi and Zayn’s stormy breakup