‘Ex’ of Yahir’s eldest son claims that the singer asked him to “run” him from his house for taking drugs

Now, his alleged ex-partner, Axxl Mart, maintains that they were never boyfriends and that Tristán is a “fake gay” who invented dating.

“Tristán lied when he said he was bisexual, he was false gay and he was not honest. He lied to have money and continue taking drugs,” said the porn model in an interview for TVyNovelas published this Monday, December 20.

Yahir’s eldest son has not stopped drugs, claims his alleged ex

“(Tristán) said that publicly he wanted to be a porn actor and that he was my partner and I didn’t even know,” Axxl said.

The singer-actor’s son announced last month that he was bisexual and said he was in a relationship with Axxl, who has participated in television contests such as ‘La Voz México’ and is now a model for the sexual content site OnlyFans.

“I am taking care of him. I am doing everything that is in me to be able to support him in this difficult stage that he is living,” Axxl said at the time.

Yahir has said he feels terrible about his 23-year-old son’s drug addiction since he was a teenager.

Tristan also announced in November that he and Axxl they had recorded their first porn video and they were recording the second. However, his alleged ex says he has left his apartment without paying him $ 289 (6,000 pesos).

“What I want is for him to pay me what he owes me,” he said. took advantage of me when he saw how he lived and the money he could generate. “

When asked if the courtship was a sham, Axxl replied: “Yes, it was something that Tristán put together with his manager. And when I got into the game, we saw how to make it a business.”

The business was sexually explicit videos

Axxl said the first video left them $ 8,000 in a week, but the second only $ 500 because Tristan left without promoting it.

“Eight thousand dollars for a person addicted to drugs is death because with that money they can kill. Tristán spent 10,000 pesos (about 482 dollars) on drugs in one day. Tristan is either killed or saved because he has the money for both of us, “he commented.

According to Axxl, Tristán lived in his apartment and borrowed money from him “because he had stayed on the street and had no place to sleep.”

After meeting through the networks, Axxl allegedly told him that he was a porn model and Tristán was immediately interested.

“He told me that he had never slept with a man and that it was a good time to do it and he almost jumped on me,” she said.

“It took me a bit of wave because he had come to my house drugged, but suddenly he behaved like a whole because he had a lot of interest in recording sex … That happened the first day I met him,” he added.

“I opened the doors of my house to him on the condition that he did not take drugs … He did not sleep because he was taking drugs so much that he does not sleep,” he said, “one day he convulsed on the street”.

The second time he was going to kick him out of his apartment, Axxl said he wrote to Yahir telling him that Tristan was still taking drugs.

“I asked him for advice to see what he was doing and He recommended that I run him out of the house and that when he did, he would not be alone, “he said.


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‘Ex’ of Yahir’s eldest son claims that the singer asked him to “run” him from his house for taking drugs