Fabio Restrepo fights for his life while his son Andrés, also an actor, dies from covid-19

“Covid-19 has not gone away, it continues to attack and cause pain in thousands of families. Today actor Andrés Restrepo passed away in Antioquia. His father, Fabio Restrepo, is still in the ICU (stable). Prayer and a lot of strength for his family and friends,” Colombian journalist Hernán Muñoz posted on Monday, January 24.

Hundreds of others were added to his comment on Instagram, while Colombian and Latin American media reported not only on the death of Andrés, at just 35 years old, but also on the struggle that his father is giving, the also renowned actor Fabio Restrepo, who since December 2021 is hospitalized in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at the Sagrado Corazón Clinic in Medellín, where he is fighting for his life, also because of covid-19.

Fabio fights his battle in the ICU in which his son Andrés lost it; The latest medical reports, yes, say that the father remains stable, although there are concerns that he has risk factors such as diabetes and hypertension.

The acting career of both is well known in Colombia, in the rest of the continent and even in other latitudes where hits such as The patron of evil, to cite just one example.

According to a newspaper review Time, Andrés Restrepo studied Dramatic Art in Madrid, Spain, and had returned to Colombia to pursue a career in television productions: Alias ​​JJ, Lady Tabares, Sin Senos Sí Hay Paraíso, El Capo, La Selección, Escobar: El Patron del Mal Y Elite command.

He had also participated in some films such as Millionaire Talent, Heaven’s Bribe Y Strategy of a Revenge.

One of his Instagram posts from a few weeks ago showed him smiling, behind a camera, already as an independent film producer. Andrés accompanied the photo with this caption: ”When you have the privilege to do what you like”.

Although it is true that it was known by some sectors that father and son had been infected with covid-19 and that they were hospitalized, the news of Andrés’ death and Fabio’s current conditions did not cease to surprise the union and its followers.

In fact, the news of the death was confirmed by Yeison Henao, a relative of the Restrepos, via Twitter: “Independent producer, talented, cousin of mine who dies of covid. Andrés Restrepo, great producer and actor. His legacy will be on display forever. I appreciate your support in cultural management. Strength to the family of my ti”, Henao wrote.

This Monday, January 24, according to the Minuto30 portal, relatives and close friends said goodbye to Andrés Restrepo while they accompanied the funeral procession to the San Pedro Cemetery in Medellín. Between tears and hugs, the chords of a spiritual song were heard: “Rejoice, today rejoice, Jesus is by your side.”

The 35-year-old producer and actor was cremated and, without hesitation, this his last goodbye was covered with additional pain because the father, Fabio, fights for his life and for all the reasons he could not say goodbye to his son, with whom he also was very united.

Very sad, too, the fact that Andrés and his wife were expecting a baby.

According to statements offered on Tuesday, January 25, by the journalist Carlos Ochoa, from TeleAntioquia, Fabio’s health situation has been deteriorating since December 23, because apart from the risk factors already mentioned, his health was complicated by a bacteria and is struggling with advanced pneumonia.

Fabio Restrepo was currently promoting a web series titled assassins office, whose chapters are available for free on its Facebook page and YouTube.

In Restrepo Sr.’s extensive record as an actor on Colombian television, great productions stand out, such as the first version of Without boobs there is no paradise in which he played the lovesick drug trafficker Marcial Barrera; He also had memorable roles in Escobar: the patron of evil Y Lady the seller of roses.

In addition, according to a count made by the Argentine portal Infobae, the man from Antioquia has participated in some 12 films, among which his acting debut in Addition and subtraction (2004), Rosary Scissors (2005), Satan (2007), Garcia (2010), royal building (2012) and millionaire talent (2017).

without getting vaccinated

In the midst of the drama that has spread among colleagues, family and friends of Andrés because of his death, several tributes have been paid to him on social networks.

“(Andrés) Leave only joy and a great legacy of talent and expressiveness. I knew him for ten years, we talked a lot, he was a brother to me, he was a wonderful being and a great actor and producer”, recalls his friend and colleague Felipe Giraldo, who remembers that Andrés was a leader in his house and a reference for his father and brothers.

The movie will be released this year. Sarah, shot in Medellín, in which Andrés Restrepo participates. Close friends of the late actor and producer confirmed that he had not been vaccinated against covid-19, a disease that ended his life.

In the trailer for the series (above these lines) that is about to be released, ‘Office of assassins’, Fabio Restrepo appears, he is the first on the right.

a tough battle

As reviewed by the media The Colombian, there is a great additional regret because, perhaps, having been vaccinated against covid could have saved the life of the promising filmmaker.

“His case is a reflection of what scientists have reiterated over and over again: the chances of dying from covid-19 are much greater for those who have not received the punctures. In Colombia, as explained by Julián Fernández, director of Epidemiology and Demography of the Ministry of Health, those who have not been vaccinated have a four to nine times higher risk of dying from the virus, ”says the aforementioned media.

In Antioquia, during 2022, 363 unvaccinated people have died, compared to 11 with one dose and 27 with a complete basic scheme, in addition to six with booster doses.

It has not transpired if the father, Fabio Restrepo, had received the anticovid vaccine. However, the fact that Andrés had not been vaccinated has generated reflections and comments on different social networks.

another grieving actor

Just this Tuesday it transpired that the very famous Colombian actor Manolo Cardona also suffered the death of his father Enrique Javier Cardona Marín.

The prestigious actor surprised his followers with a post in which he shared a beautiful farewell message for his father: “Fly high father and have the best of trips Raising your hands. Our love for you will be eternal Flashes. We are going to miss you so much, Dad,” he wrote.

Cardona is one of the most recognized actors nationally and internationally, and has established himself in recent years as a benchmark in acting, both in film and on television.

In his already prolific career, he has participated in productions in Colombia such as The frog’s sign, Caroline Barrantes Y Rosary Scissors, among others, while in countries such as Mexico, Brazil, Spain and the United States it has been part of projects such as gypsies, Sarah’s notebook, Narcos, Maria Magdalena Y Who killed Sarah? famous on Netflix.

Other members of the Cardona family have also published tributes to Don Enrique, but the reasons for his death were not disclosed.

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Fabio Restrepo fights for his life while his son Andrés, also an actor, dies from covid-19