Facundo confessed what are the disadvantages of being a celebrity

Facundo said he doesn't like being famous (Photo: Instagram / @ facufacundo)
Facundo said he doesn’t like being famous (Photo: Instagram / @ facufacundo)

Facundo He has stood out during his career for his driving and comedy skills, however, for the famous not everything is a thousand on flakes, since he revealed what are the negatives of having the reflectors on.

Through his Instagram account, Facundo decided to answer some uncomfortable questions that his followers sent him and one of them was: “Does being a celebrity bother you?”

Therefore, the artist He mentioned that everything has its good side, because being recognized on the street sometimes brings you certain advantages. However, he added that there are certain details that he is uncomfortable with.

Being famous has its advantages, as if a police officer stops you and says: ‘ah, sorry, I didn’t see it was you’, but it has some egg things * like taking photos, that it gives me a lot of huev * besides that I do not know how to smile and send greetings is the worst thing that can happen to me, “he said.

He also took the opportunity to talk about his change of television station, as his followers questioned him about how much money he offered him Aztec TV to leave Televisa.

“Any, because I didn’t go from Televisa to TV Azteca, I went from Televisa to Fox and then to Tv Azteca. Damn it, I’m a poor fucking * ”, said Facundo.

The artist answered questions (Photo: Ig @facufacundo)
The artist answered questions (Photo: Ig @facufacundo)

The comedian’s fans took the opportunity to question him about himthe relationship that your girlfriend has with her children and he mentioned that everything was very quiet and pleasant.

The truth is they get along very wellSometimes they even get along better with her than with me ”, he revealed.

Recently, Facundo told of the worst experience he had in prison, which happened because he did not request an adequate permit for his program.

The artist was a guest on Faisy Nights and gave a small recount of his greatest achievements and his worst moments throughout his career.

Despite the fact that the also producer has been arrested on different occasions in Mexico, he assured that the occasion that most frightened him of reaching prison was outside the country, in Cuba, since he could have been condemned up to 20 years behind bars for the crime he committed.

As Facundo recalled, this became his worst experience for not having asked for the necessary permission to record within Cuban territory as a press, since he did not want to be restricted by the authorities, since this was due to the fact that he could not perform his jokes and sketches with the freedom he needed.

The day facundo was arrested in Cuba (IG: facufacundo)
The day facundo was arrested in Cuba (IG: facufacundo)

“They caught us recording, and since we didn’t want to ask a journalist’s permission to record, because they put a government person on you and they tell you what to record and what not. We, the net, we wanted to record the pure Miguel Ángel Fox Style”, He said, remembering his producer.

While they were making the recordings of the program, the authorities arrested them and informed them that they had entered Cuba as tourism, but due to the activities they were carrying out, they deduced that they were in the capacity of the press and, if proven, could spend 20 years in the jail.

Despite the fact that Facundo was only detained for a weekend, he assured that they had been terrible days due to the fact that everyone on the team had been put in different places so that they could not agree to declare and him he had to stay in the bathroom of the place.


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Facundo confessed what are the disadvantages of being a celebrity