Fahoma, the jewelry firm that has Máxima in love, reveals a secret about Letizia

We know that a Maxima from Holland loves big accessories and that is why they tend to monopolize the attention in many of their public appearances. It happened a few days ago when we saw her wearing spectacular orange earrings. We have talked to Fahoma, the Madrid-based Argentine jewelry firm that has the queen in love and that she is the author of the aforementioned design. First of all, tell the followers of the style of King Gullermo’s wife that they can already get them, on request, in the online store and that they cost 98 euros.

This “family home”, as they like to call themselves, was born in Buenos Aires in the 60s and became a benchmark for Buenos Aires women. That is precisely where his relationship with Máxima’s family began, which, as you will remember, is Argentine. “It was (and we hope it continues to be to some extent) a tradition to go through Fahoma before going to a wedding or any other social event. Mothers brought their daughters to choose accessories and the Zorreguieta family also practiced this tradition ”, explains Marion Stocki, the head of the firm and granddaughter of its creator.

A lot of time has passed since then, Máxima left Argentina and became the queen of the Netherlands, but she continues to feel devotion to that brand of youth. A detail that excites them: “We are honored that Máxima, I imagine that with all the affection that unites her with her country and her city and with her unique style to wear daring accessories, she continues to choose us at times. We are flattered and moved by all that that means. ”

As with other royals, the fact that Argentina shows off her jewelry or her bags is a great boost for the brand: “It has a lot of impact. Every time she wears something of ours, a lot of people contact us. I am not surprised, because Máxima is ideal: a mixture of elegance, sympathy, spontaneity… ”. But she is not the only VIP on the firm’s fan list: Edurne, Emma García, Pilar Rubio or Lara Álvarez have also worn Fahoma accessories.

The fact that they are based in Madrid makes it much closer. “We opened the first store in Madrid in 2002 and I think that, saving the distances, we have had a similar experience to that of Buenos Aires. The boutique was very surprising and unique, with daring and sophisticated accessories. In their day they told us that, apparently, they were not to the taste of Madrid, but we believed that they were and we were not wrong. We were very successful, ”recalls Marion, who was the one who came to the capital to start this adventure. “I think we introduced the world of accessories that don’t want to look like jewelery, fun and sophisticated, and we believe that it is part of the usual wardrobe of many women in Madrid ”, he adds.

She defines her designs as signature jewelery and dares to assure that it takes a bit of personality to wear them, because they do not go unnoticed. “I sense that to wear our pieces you need to have confidence and not be aware of what the rest think, because they tend to be daring and sophisticated,” acknowledges Marion. The latest Máxima earrings, in size XL; with a flower and an orange resin oval are a good example. They are not the only ones it has, far from it. In October 2019, he wore some fan-shaped ones in an official act in his country and a month later, others made of white glass in New York during the UN General Assembly.

And, be careful, because we have reserved the big surprise for last. Letizia also has a piece of Fahoma in her closet: “She used our accessories before she was queen, mostly evening bags, but when I was a princess. Now she has not carried our things for a long time and of course we would be very pleased to have her as a customer again ”.

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Fahoma, the jewelry firm that has Máxima in love, reveals a secret about Letizia