“Failed, old and ugly”: Diana Ángel spoke about the times she has felt discriminated against for her body

Diane Angel. Photo: Instagram @dianangel01
Diane Angel. Photo: Instagram @dianangel01

Diana Angel is a Colombian actress and singer, remembered for her role in ‘Francisco the mathematician’ and, recently, demonstrating her singing musical talent in ‘Mujeres a la plancha’, a show of four artists who sing of spite, love and life . However, she has also become known for her defined political positions that she does not hide from her followers, generating the support and criticism of several of her.

Recently, the actress was in a special interview with ‘Diva Rebeca’, the unfiltered character created by actor Omar Vásquez to interview celebrities, for women’s month. In that dialogue the woman was talking about how beauty stereotypes have affected the development of her personal and professional life.

The artist pointed out that the ‘burden’ that stereotypes have imposed on women throughout life has been very heavy, adding that, in her case, what has made her the most complex is her short stature and that, indeed, she has been rejected at work because of her appearance. “I’m 1.50, I’ve had to struggle with that, because the world is for tall people, the characters are different from mebut finally the passion and the talent that one has makes that not important and that they value you for other things”.

He stressed that in the world of entertainment, on many occasions, “they put women to compete” for their beauty rather than for their talent and condemned that he felt “forbidden to grow old, because they no longer give him work, because he looks ugly, because can’t wear a bathing suit anymore, it is a very strong fight”.

In addition, he referred to something that, unfortunately, is very common for public figures on social networks and that is that people give their opinion about their body. Diana Ángel highlighted that people, when they make some types of comments on your posts, seem to disregard your feelings or what those words are going to cause and they write to him with hate.

“People are very irresponsible, me on Twitter They call me a failure, small, ugly, actress without a job … you do your merits to keep your career, but they fall on you. One has to learn to shield oneself, but it is not easy,” said the multifaceted artist.

She added that this irresponsibility also comes from homes and it is very important that women themselves help educate good men, as in her case, she pointed out that she tries with her little son, making him understand that he must respect all women and moving away from his education all those macho behaviors that society has normalized.

‘Diva Rebeca’ recalled a past interview she had with actress Diana Ángel, in which a lot of controversy was generated because she revealed details about her fights with Majida Issa, Yolanda Rayo and Alejandra Azcárate. “Do you think that stereotypes also do that, that there are clashes between you and women attack each other?” Asked the interviewer and she pointed out that it is very sad that “we women become rivals without a real argument”; However, he stressed that his problems with colleagues are not linked to beauty stereotypes, but to ideological differences.

The actress also gave her own advice for all those women who have felt rejected or discriminated against because of their physical appearance and pointed out that the most important thing is accept the mirror image. According to her, accepting her body is a liberating decision “and when you master that, self-love is what leads you through life full of happiness. I am already 47 years old and I have had battles with many insecurities, with emotional dependency, depression; but at this point one realizes that there are more important things”.


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“Failed, old and ugly”: Diana Ángel spoke about the times she has felt discriminated against for her body