Family asks to dig up baby after seeing a woman on TV who looks like their daughter

In the city of Barcelona, ​​Spain, a movie case occurred. A woman ordered the judicial authorities to exhumation of a baby buried in the Sabadell cemetery to check if it was stolen from a clinic in the municipality in the 90s.

The woman, identified as Carmen Navarro, was watching a game show on television called ‘Now I fall!’ of Antena 3 when a participant appears who had a great resemblance to one of his daughters.

From that moment, Mrs. Navarro doubted if the baby she had buried in 1990 it was his. She quickly went to his lawyer and requested the exhumation of the body to make the respective checks. The case was approved by the authorities and on February 3 they opened the coffin of the newborn.

The woman remembers that she gave birth to a premature baby in the old Clinic of the Child Jesus of Sabadell who was admitted to the Newborn Unit. Navarro went to visit her daughter every day waiting for the day he could take her home.

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“Suddenly, without any disease or previous indications, the doctors informed him that the girl had died and they gave him an already closed coffin, without at any time seeing the remains of the little girl,” explains Fernando Osuna, the family’s lawyer. Spanish medium La Vanguardia.

The doctors informed him that the girl had died and gave him a coffin already closed, without at any time seeing the remains of the little girl

At that time the family was surprised by what happened, but they decided to continue with their lives and moved to Seville, but the doubts were activated again since they saw that participant in the program.

This situation has made the family think that their baby could be stolen and with the opening of the coffin they want to corroborate if what they buried was empty or if the ashes belonged to their daughter.

After a few months since Mrs. Navarro filed the petition with her lawyer, they were finally able to exhume the body of the newborn. The forensic technician Isabel Navarro confirmed that the coffin had the ashes of a baby and they will be transferred to a DNA laboratory. Results could take between one and two months.

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In the event that it is verified that the remains found do not match the family’s DNA, they will begin to look for who the television participant was to talk to her, and if it is verified that it is a stolen baby, an investigation will be opened. legal battle to punish those who separated the girl from her parents.

In case of a demand They will include from the doctor to the nurses who attended the delivery and were with the baby, as well as the people who certified the death. “It would be a crime of identity theft, falsehood and kidnapping,” said the family’s lawyer in the aforementioned medium.

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Family asks to dig up baby after seeing a woman on TV who looks like their daughter