Family break, fortunately for Jenni Rivera. What happened?

Who manages the fortune left by Jenni Rivera?

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MIAMI BEACH, FL – APRIL 25: Chiquis Rivera and Rosie Rivera speak at the Billboard Latin Singer Chiquis and her aunt Rosie Rivera are currently estranged

Singer Jenni Rivera He worked tirelessly on his great passion: music. All his efforts yielded valuable fruits, a successful career and an immense legacy for regional Mexican music that remains more latent than ever. However, after his death on December 10, 2012, the empire he built has been the subject of various disputes and disagreements between his family, which have reached one of their most tense points just as fans are preparing to commemorate the 9th anniversary of the singer’s tragic death.

This was confirmed by the artist’s eldest daughter, Chiquis Rivera placeholder image, in the issuance of his Chiquis and Chill podcast, where he spoke in detail about the various conflicts that his family has faced due to the administration of his mother’s fortune, which after the sudden death of the artist, fell into the hands of his sister Rosie, whom he had appointed as his executor .

After confirming that it is true that he distanced himself from his aunt Rosie and his uncle Juan, Chiquis She affirmed that the bankruptcy occurred after her brother Jhonny – supported by her – requested an accounting from Rosie Rivera through a lawyer to find out how the singer’s money had been handled.

“We had our doubts for a long time, but I did not want to go into that topic because I knew it would cause problems. In January 2021, I decided to listen to my brother and hire a lawyer to find out how the finances of the businesses and the fund my mother left behind were. Johnny is the one who has been dealing with the lawyer, and what he requested (from my aunt) was not an audit, but an accounting. As a beneficiary, he has the right to ask for it and my aunt Rosie had the obligation to give us that information annually, but she never did (…) and when we asked for it, a great stir was created and we did not understand why. I think that he who does nothing is afraid ”, said the singer.

Chiquis explained that in April 2021 the request was made to obtain an accounting of the finances. “At that moment everything went to hell (…) everything has been collapsing (…) They took time to give the information, then they asked for an extension and we did not understand why (…) I think we have the right to know how much money was in the account, how much money has been earned, how much they have made. It is true that I was disinherited by my mother, but I am still a daughter, I helped her and took care of my brothers so that she could build her empire ”, stressed the singer and businesswoman.

Chiquis he was happy that it will soon be his sister Jacqie who will assume the administration of his mother’s fortune, and hopes that together with his four brothers they will strengthen the star’s legacy. “I’m sure that Jacqie He will do an excellent job as CEO (…) I want to be part of this, that together the 5 brothers make the decisions (…) we are thinking of doing great things, we would like to make a film about the life of my mother and everything that touched her overcome to achieve what he achieved ”.

Regarding whether she hopes to get closer to her aunt Rosie and her uncle Juan, the singer revealed that there are people who are better to love from a distance. “I am not mad at them, I am disappointed. I’m sorry if this has caused you pain, but we just needed to ask questions. It is sad because since my mother died we have been living in hell (…) I have tried to be well with my family and to obtain their approval, but it has been very difficult for them to feel proud of me ”, he stressed.

Finally, Chiquis thanked Rosie and Juan Rivera. “I want to thank my uncles for everything they did, I know that they did everything possible, and I know that this responsibility fell suddenly on my aunt from one day to the next (…) She on several occasions expressed that she did not feel comfortable in that position and that it damaged her relationship with her children and her husband. For his part, my uncle Juan did not have the responsibility, he only got involved to help (…) I know that I am better off without them and that they are better off without me ”, he concluded after stating that he sees it unlikely that this ninth anniversary of the death of Jenni Rivera They can spend it with the whole family gathered at their maternal grandmother Doña Rosa’s house.

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Family break, fortunately for Jenni Rivera. What happened?