Famous that their parents were in jail: two of them were given life sentences

Some families have a member who acts against the law, so regardless of whether their children are recognized celebrities, these parents have had to pay their crimes with jail.

Meet the parents of the famous who were convicted and the causes.

Samuel Nowlin is the progenitor of the action star in ‘John Wick’, however, the relationship with his son was never close. This because Samuel abandoned his family when Keanu reeves He was only two years old.

At that time he was dedicated to the sale of drugs, until in 2001 he was caught by the police in an airport in Hawaii on a charge pending since 1992.

The rapper posted via Twitter, in 2016, a letter that his father, Stevie J. Stevenson, sent him from jail.

In it, he told him how much it hurt him not to see him grow up, as he was sentenced to life imprisonment on kidnapping and drugs charges in 1991.

“Yesterday, March 5, was my 25th anniversary locked up and the only thing that hurts me is not being with my family. Wow, where has all this time gone? They say that time does not wait for a man and of course I have been here a long time, but it has not felt that way either. “

The father of ex Disney girlMichael Lohan has been arrested countless times due to multiple causes. The most recurrent has been due to domestic violence by raping their different partners between the years 2011 and 2020.

In addition, in 2021 he was arrested again for receiving kickbacks for taking addicts to a rehabilitation center in Palm Beach.

Although the reason he was jailed in the 1990s was for refusing to testify against other brokers during an investigation for trafficking in confidential information.

The actor who played James Rhodes in ‘Iron Man’ (2008) has a peculiar Christmas memory that no one wants to experience. In 1971, according to The New York Times, the Howard family went to the Higbee department store in Cleveland to meet Santa Claus.

However, an altercation with a man in line caused the actor’s father to export, resulting in the murder of the stranger due to multiple stab wounds.

Consequently, Tyron Howard spent 11 months in prison.

In the case of the protagonist of ‘Zombieland’ (2009), his father landed in jail due to his work as a hit man.

This is how Woody Harrelson’s father, Charles V. Harrelson, was in charge of killing several people, including Judge John H. Wood in 1979; They gave him life imprisonment once he was caught.

Although there are rumors that he was also the culprit in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the truth is that there is not enough evidence to prove it.

According to ‘Vanity Fair’ magazine, Charlize’s father was an extremely violent man and an alcoholic with his family. This ordeal ended in 1991, when one night he arrived so drunk that he tried to kill his wife and daughter with a shotgun.

Instinctively, the mother of the actress, then 15 years old, took a revolver and fired back at him, one of them hit the mark and the man died on the spot.

Of course, the police understood that it was all in self-defense, so the woman was released from charges, but if Charles had survived, he would undoubtedly have ended up in jail for aggravated domestic violence.

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Famous that their parents were in jail: two of them were given life sentences